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Just a glimpse into the Cavenaugh/McAllen tragedy and the hilarity of a Paula Deen holiday murder at the Clifton's SummerHouse...take the time to get to know these characters.

SummerHouse: A Murder In Savannah

“I know Miss Sally, I can’t believe Big Papa’s been gone for three months. Easter will never be the same…Bet ...
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One Unexpected Event- Aftermath

“Come out with your hands up! The house is surrounded. Come out peaceably or we will come in after you ...
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One Unexpected Event

 Ash wondered how he would fit in at this private college. It still amazed him that he was able to ...
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Alan P. Scaglione

Alan P. Scaglione is a writer who reflects on the simple contradictions and complexities to living this ”gift from God” called life-
He believes that Life is a journey that, with compassion, a little levity and perspective, we help each other get through.
His greatest compliment was being told “you draw pictures with your words!”
He has devoted his life to “drawing”…in his poetry, his songs, his weekly “Reflections of Life” blog entries, his short stories and now... his novels!
Alan is an everyday guy who refuses to let circumstances dictate his view to life; he lives an attitude of gratitude and spreads his positive outlook everywhere he goes.
His BEST day is a day shared making a memory that will last a lifetime!
Please check out Alan’s books “One Unexpected Event – How Would Your Life Change?” and its sequel “One Unexpected Event – Aftermath!”

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    Take the time to get to know and experience the Southern charm of the McAllens and Cavenaughs.
    These words are strong, insightful and inciteful – meant to provoke the reader to thought and possibly... action!
    Our prayer is that we touch your heart, heal the hurt and leave a gentle indelible mark on your life through our music.
    This collection of stories showcases the origins of some of my books...
    These columns reflect the humorous side of my life, and my take on the little things in life that make you laugh.