Life written is much stronger than life spoken because the written word is left to the reader’s interpretation for tone and intonation. You decide how it “sounds” to you as you read... all based on the sound system you play my words on. They are strong, insightful and inciteful – as they were meant to provoke the reader to thought and possibly... action!


“Words” Alan P. Scaglione 7/11/2016 Words… All that is left… Are your… Words! You said “if anyone wants to know ...
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What If?

What If? APS –  Written 12/12/12 This poem of gratitude is dedicated to the one who saved my life on ...
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When? APS - Written 6/26/2016   When? When will you see me? When will you finally see me? When will ...
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When God Woke Up

When God Woke Up Written by APS 5/13/16   I was awake when God woke up this morning... I watched ...
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Tree Of Life

Tree of Life By Alan P. Scaglione     Last year, she turned ninety-two With gray hair and glasses She ...
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Time Of My Life

time of my life December 3rd, 2004   Seemed like a typical Friday And…without warning You were there—you were gone ...
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Tested And Proven

We’ve been through a lot                          In the past seven years Thought we’d endured the worst Shed a lifetime of tears ...
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“Reflection” By Alan P. Scaglione/October 3, 2003 I reflect on my life In the past five years All the turmoil… ...
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Press On

Press On   Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence.   Talent will not: Nothing is more ...
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Possibilities By Alan P. Scaglione 12/29/12   What does it feel like When your life’s about to change? Can you ...
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Not In Pain No More

Not in pain no more. May 12th, 2012 He was hooked up to so much stuff The last few days ...
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Life Goes On

Life Goes On By Alan P. Scaglione 5/22/12 Life Goes On... Or so I'm told At this moment feel so ...
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I Saw My Papa In The Mirror!

I saw my Papa today-looking at me in the Mirror, and… I was so glad to see Him! 2/20/08   ...
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Family Reunion

Family Reunion Dedicated to Shawn Myrick Ryder   There are people here I’ve never seen Some, I don’t even know ...
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Destiny’s Day

Destiny’s Day   October 8th, 1997 Dark clouds, gray skies, trouble’s brewing up a storm Just a feeling, a foreboding, ...
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A Crowd Called Aspersion

A Crowd Called Aspersion June 2nd, 2003 I am being accused of something I cannot disprove By people whose faces ...
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These words are strong, insightful and inciteful – meant to provoke the reader to thought and possibly... action!
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