Reflections of…Life is a Vapor!

Stick with me on this… three short stories that all tie together.

I promise…no rabbits are being chased here.


See that pic?

I am pointing to the place where…36 years ago, on November 10th, 1980…

I stood, surrounded by 12 of my closest University of South Florida friends…

Waiting to hear the news…

As I called Stetson Law School to ask Dorothy Heinlein, if…

I got accepted to Law School…

And she said YES!!!

I turned to my friends and said “she said YES!!”

And the crowd erupted in cheer and hysteria!

I was the first of our group to get accepted into law school.

We all wanted it, but… not all of us got “That” moment.

I was 20 years old—graduating from USF in December and starting Law School…

On January 6th, 1981—my 21st birthday!

And…I did!

I was full of vision, full of hope, full of determination. Full of drive and single focus!

I was going to be the next Perry Mason—if you know who he was!

That guy that day was unstoppable—Type “A” on Steroids!-

An immovable force to be reckoned with!

Sky was the limit for that guy!

And a short five years later—the “Sky” was the Limit—In the BEST way!

My son with his son and daughter on his birthday!
My son with his son and daughter on his birthday!


Today is my son Schuyler’s 31st birthday—he was born five years after that phone call.

His name is pronounced SKYler!

The SKY was the limit.

It was the happiest day of my life—my son was born.

I always knew I would be the son to have a son.

I am the youngest of three boys, but..I am “the” son to have “the” son!

He was the hope for my future—

Cat’s in the cradle would NOT be us!

We were going to be close—the Perfect Father and Son duo.

He was the “the Dude” and I was “Poppy”.

One day, when he was about four years old, he called me at my office.

He said “Poppy, I miss you. Come home and play with me!”

And you know what I said?

I’ll be right home!”

And I took the rest of the day off—and went home and played with “the Dude!”

I took him to HamBubba King!

That’s what he called Burger King.

I will never forget that.

Having him more than made up for leaving Law School—Twice! But that’s another story.

And 31 years later—I am so honored to be his POPS—Poppy grew up to be Pops!

He makes me proud just seeing what a good husband, father, brother and friend he has become!

Three Generations of Scaglione Men! Past, Present, Future!
Three Generations of Scaglione Men!
Past, Present, Future!


So I got to spend the day with my favorite six year old—Jett Jett!

I decided to take him to my alma Mater- University of South Florida.

I took him to the Library and explained that I used to spend the weekend studying there…

Before there was Google and the Internet.

He couldn’t understand the concept of GOING to the LIBRARY to STUDY!

He said “why didn’t you just ask Suri?”

Hmmm? This generation—look what they are missing out on… hours and hours of study. Poor them!

I took him to the building where I spent the most time—The Political Science Building.

I was a Poli Sci Major.

I showed him the place where the Pay Phone used to be and told him that story.

As we were talking back to the car…

I was holding his hand and talking…

I said “JJ, someday Nano won’t be here and I just want you to know some of my stories so you can always remember how much I loved you and maybe someday, you will go to college too and graduate and so whatever you want to do with your life…just like Nano!”

And suddenly, I felt these arms grab my leg and I stopped and looked down…

And there was a six years old looking up at me, tears flowing down his face…

And he said “Nano, Please don’t go! Promise me, you won’t go! Please!”

I bent down and held my grandson and assured him I would be there when he graduates.

And I would be there when HE has HIS son…for a Four Generation Picture that I want so much!

And then…we just held each other.

The Word says in James 4:14 …

Life is but a Vapor- you appear for a little while, and then…you vanish away!

And that young man of 20 or that 25 year old holding his son never thought how quickly…

He would be that 56 year old man holding his grandson…

 assuring him that he would always be there for his grandson.

How quickly life passes—

All that matters…

Did you live the life God meant you to?