Points2Ponder-Reflections of An Unexpected Appointment

An unexpected appointment made my day!
An unexpected appointment made my day!

So our church is on a 21 day fast.

I believe in fasting—it gets God’s attention.

Word says “I will not offer Him anything that costs me nothing! 2 Samuel 24:24

As part of the fast, we are also reading the book of John, one chapter at a time.

There are 21 chapters—so, it is a great opportunity to read a book corporately.

And get touched by the message personally.

On the 4th day, we read the 4th chapter… it talks about Jesus making an excursion to samaria.

He said “We must needs go to Samaria.” That’s in the King James version.

My son asked me if I really understood all the “thees” and “thous” of King James.

I said “it’s what I was raised in—I understand it like the American language I speak.

And, I really do.

Back to chapter 4… Jesus knew that he needed to see someone—so he planned a day trip to samaria.

Not on the schedule—but he knew—he had an appointment to make a difference in someone’s life.

There was a Samaritan woman at a well…and jesus asked her to draw him some water.

She was a Samaritan—he was a jew.

In today’s world—a Samaritan was a half-breed. Half jew, half gentile.

They were not respected by jews. Samaritans were not allowed to speak to jews.

Think of the old south—how old southerners would not recognize a half white/half black person.

It was that way between jews and Samaritans.

So when Jesus speaks to her—she is in shock and awe that a jew is speaking to her.

She thought he just happened to be at the well—she did not know that he had this meeting planned.

And he made a difference in her life—just by surprising her with his planned meeting.

Sometimes—it’s that “surprise” meeting in your life…that really makes a difference.

I had one of those this past weekend.

My brother and sister-in-law wanted to take me to lunch for my birthday.

My sister couldn’t make it because she had previous plans—I was disappointed but understood.

At least- I tried to.

So…my brother drives us to the beach, and we walk around for a while.

We then end up at a restaurant I would NEVER have selected but…

I was sincerely just glad to spend time with my best friends.

We arrive at the restaurant—and I get out of the car and start to walk to the front door.

You ever have a moment when your eyes see something that your mind cannot process?

That’s what happened to me.

I saw some people getting out of a car—and I thought “that looks just like my sister, but…?”

It took a full 5 seconds to realize “it IS my sister and her husband!”

What are they doing here?

Well—apparently—it was the plan all along!

And I was completely surprised!

And my heart welled up was love and appreciation!

All of these people—4 to be exact—planned this appointment for my life—without my knowledge.

And yet—they made such a difference in my life with their appointment, their plan, their proof.

That they really loved me—they really cared about me—they proved how much I mattered!

And that’s the greatest gift of all!

I think that’s what the Samaritan woman was amazed by—she mattered to Jesus!

And on a Saturday in Apollo beach, florida—

my bestfriend and my brother…and my sister and her husband(whose birthday is 2 days later)

all reassured me…

that to them—my life matters!

And that’s all  anybody ever really wants to know.