Points2Ponder- Sheer Joy!

Sheer Joy-- Spending quality time with my Best Buddy Jett!
Sheer Joy– Spending quality time with my Best Buddy Jett!

Sometimes, life just gets full of stuff.

Stuff we do.

Stuff we have to do.

But…sometimes… you just have to stop and smell the roses—or play with your grandchild.

Point2Ponder    “When is the last time you felt the sheer joy of seeing life through a child’s eyes?”

Jett and I got to spend some time together this week.

He asked me to spend the night, so I arranged my schedule to spend some time with him and Princess Cali.

She is a joy to be around—talking now, inquisitive, always full of energy.

Cali is always in constant motion—and that motion is usually barreling toward Jett and his toys!

As is any younger sibling—she wants to be where her Bubba is—and she demands to be there—in her lively way!

Jett is a good brother—he plays with her, he watches out for her, he even tells Mommy when Cali is about to get in trouble.

But he does miss his “Nano and Jett” time.

So this time…we dedicated some time just for that.

I took him to a place I promised to take him—Dinosaur World.

I promised about a year ago, but situations always presented themselves that blocked me keeping my promise.

But I would tell him “I’m going to keep my promise to take you to Dinosaur World—Nano always keeps his promises!”

And finally…I did!

So there we were…

Just the two of us—we walked through the lifelike dinosaurs as I read him the names and history of each one.

We also did some excavating for “real” gems in the waterways of DinoCanyon!

Running his hands in the water as we sifted through the dirt, finding gems and locating them on the Valuable Gems Chart.

He loved it!

We even packed a lunch and had lunch on the grounds.

Jett and I talked all day while we walked around the park.

At one point, he asked me “Nano, who is your favorite person in the whole world?”

I pointed to him and said “You are JJ—but it’s a secret—so don’t tell anybody!”

His eyes lit up and he said “You’re my favorite too Nano—you really are!”

We laughed and walked through the park, holding hands, Nano and JettJett!

He told me everything he knew about dinosaurs, which was very impressive!

We even went on a fossil dig—and he used the little broom to find fossils that were hidden in the ground.

I didn’t have the heart to tell him that they were pre-planted in the ground for him to find.

He thought he was the first one to find them—and I let him continue to think that!

As we were about to leave, we stopped at the Gift Shop.

And that’s where we spent too much time—deciding what he wanted as a souvenir.

I have started to bring him magnets for his refrigerator to remind him of places we have been.

So we found a Dinosaur World magnet.

Then he found a gigantic pencil—seriously, huge!

It had all the different dinosaur types on the pencil.

He just had to have it—so I just had to buy it—for him!

As we drove off, he said “Nano, I had so much fun today—Thank You for taking me—I love you!”

And that was worth it all!

Sheer joy!

Time well spent!

The love of a grandchild!

It just doesn’t get any better than that, now does it?

Nope, it really doesn’t!

As it drew close for me to go home, he would say “You’re not leaving yet, right?”

I would say “No—in a couple of hours!”

He would smile and come give me a big hug.

Then he would ask again “Nano, you don’t have to leave yet, right?”

I said “In a little while, but not yet!”

Again, he ran up and gave me a hug…

Then he said “Let’s play SkyLanders!”

He loves SkyLanders—and no one will play with him—but, I tell him “whatever you want  to play—let’s play SkyLanders!”

And we do—for what feels like hours! But, he is having so much fun—It makes it all worthwhile.

Finally, it’s time for me to go.

Jett goes up to his dad and says “But I don’t want Nano to go!”

Then he comes and hugs me and whispers in my ear “I don’t want you to go!”

Sheer joy again!

Knowing that this little boy really enjoys our play time—and wants me to stay longer?

Life just doesn’t get any better than that!

As I hugged him goodbye, I told him “I’ll be back to play with you again soon—I promise!”

He said “You promise? Nano always keeps his promises…just like Dinosaur World!”

Yes JJ – Just like Dinosaur World!