Points2Ponder-Anniversary Special Edition

Nano and JettJett-- Look what I would have missed!
Nano and JettJett– Look what I would have missed!

Today is my anniversary—one I don’t share with anyone—except God.

Six years ago today—I should have died.

But God had other plans.

Point2Ponder    “When is the last time you reflected on a life changing moment in your life?”

Six years ago, I was in Brandon Hospital—and they were doing a heart catherization to implant the stent into my LAD.

All that means is—my Lower Anterior Descending artery, the main artery of my heart, was 100% blocked—not good!

That’s the part that said “I should have died that day!”

That’s what my cardiologist Dr. Singh said that day.

The artery was 100% blocked—and that’s why they call it the WidowMaker—people usually die when this happens.

But I’ve told this story 5 times already—

Today, it’s just about me reflecting on…how God spared me for some reason.

God said NO—not yet!

And I’ve been given these 6 years to enjoy and experience lifetime events I would have missed, if I had died that day.

Like the following:

Officiating my son’s wedding.

Renewing my vow’s for our 10th anniversary.

Watching Jett grow up.

Welcoming the grandkids who were born after that day: Cali and Malaki and Max and Keira into our lives.

Taking a few weeks to travel to Pittsburgh and help our daughter Ashley move—spending time together.

Being there for my son while he does through a tough time in his life—supporting him like only a father can.

Reconnecting with my forever friend Sandy, only to be there to help her family after she passed away.

Being at my brother Joe’s bedside when he said goodbye to this world and hello to heaven and his daughter.

Throwing this 80th birthday party for my 2nd mom, my Aunt Ciria…before she passed away 2 months later.

Writing and publishing 2 books and seeing them out on the internet and having my friends read them.

Being involved in the publishing world by interviewing authors for my publishers and posting on their website.

Celebrating our 15th Wedding Anniversary on the Beach with our closest friends.

These are just a few of the items that I would not have been able to experience IF God had not said NO!

And for that, today, I just had to say…Thank you, Lord—for saving my life—for giving me these 6 years.

IF tomorrow you call me home—I will still have been so grateful to have experienced so much more of my life.

IF I have borrowed 6 years—I am grateful for each and every memory made—and I am honored to have shared them.

It was my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who spared me that day—and I owe HIM my life—all of my life!

So I just had to let someone know—It’s good to be alive, to have the sun in my face and my family around!

To have a few true friends that I can be certain of—and who have checked on me recently to say “are you okay?”

Because they knew—I really am not—but this too shall pass.

For today—I am consumed with memories of the last 6 years, and I am overwhelmed with gratitude!

Thank you Lord for saving my soul…

Thank you Lord for making me whole…

Thank you Lord for giving to me…

Thy great salvation so full and free!

My wife is not a widow—my kids are not orphaned—my friends have not lost a good friend.

I pause and humbly bow and say—

Thank you, Lord!