Points2Ponder-Rewarding Accomplishments

Jett and Nano playing at Chuck E. Cheese! Good times!"
Jett and Nano playing at Chuck E. Cheese! Good times!”

I believe in rewarding accomplishments.

I also believe in encouragement by way of special treatment.

Today was one of those days…when I rewarded an accomplishment—of a 5 year old.

Point2Ponder    “When is the last time you looked around and saw your past and present?”

Jett is 5 years old.

He spends every Monday night with Sensei Joe—I know, Sensei Joe? That seems kind of funny to me.

But you would understand if you knew that this was at a Community Rec Center where “Joe” is volunteering his time…

To train 5 year olds about “tae kwan do”—what we ignorantly call “karate!”

Yes—Jett is doing rather well—for a little boy who, for some unknown reason known only to Jett, jumps around like a mexican jumping bean while he is testing for this next level belt.

This was the HIGH Level Yellow belt!

There was an apparent Low Level Yellow belt prior to this!

Suffice it to say—Jett did the necessary kicks and jumps and moves properly and was awarded his belt.

Congratulations to my grandson.

I called him up and congratulated him and told him that I was coming to take him to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate.

And I picked him up from kindergarten with the required accompaniment.

Chocolate milk and chocolate chip mini muffins.

Hey this kid knows what he wants—and he knows his Nano will bring it to him.

I always bring him something to drink and a snack when I pick him up from school—it’s “our” thing!

And he lets me know “Nano, no  one else brings me a snack—just you!”

This kid knows just what to say!

So today, I pick him up in car line—and I give him his chocolate milk and muffins, and he is in Snack Heaven!

We head to Chuck E. Cheese’s and I tell him “J, you can choose whatever game you want to play—it’s your choices!”

And he was elated!

I got $10 in tokens—and off we went!

He played whatever he wanted to play.

Then he saw Mario 8 Kart—it’s a big version of the game he has at home.

He wanted me to play the game with him—and we did!


He was having the time of his life—laughing and getting competitive!

We had a blast!

We walked around and played whatever this 5 year old future Sensei wanted to play!

Then we got to his last game to be chosen.

It required that we lie on what looked like matching surf boards!

For Jett—I did it!

And it was fun!

We simulated a roller coaster!

And he laughed and loved every minute of it.

When we got him—his Dad, my son—was home.

We ended up playing 3 rounds of UNO with Jett and his Dad.

It was priceless!

I looked at the face of my future and my present sitting across from me—and I was the face of their past!

We laughed and snookered our way through three hands of UNO! Jett was having a good time!

And I can see us all laughing and smiling and just enjoying each other’s company.

And it made me stop and say “Thank you Lord for this Wonderful Life you have given me!”

As we are playing, I know that this moment may never come back my way again.

And I wax nostalgic and get a little emotional—my son and his son are playing Uno with me—when will this happen again?

I just feel really grateful for this moment—and for the privilege of being alive to experience it!

And I think to myself…

What a wonderful world!