Points2Ponder-Doing Something For the First Time!

When did you get a do-over? Did you take it?
When did you get a do-over? Did you take it?

People say that everything happens for a reason.

People say that all that I have been through got me to who I am today—so I regret nothing!

People say that the things you said NO to or walked away from—you were meant to turn down.

People say a lot of things…

I don’t believe everything People say!

Point2Ponder    “When is the last time you got a chance to do something over—and change the outcome?”

I had an opportunity 8 years ago.

I turned that opportunity down—thought that it was better for me to go another route.

And I did.

I went that other route.

And I never forgot the route that I walked away from.

I always wondered—what IF?

What IF I had stuck it out?

What IF I had seen where it could take me?

What IF I had made a real effort at making a go of it?

What IF I had given it some time to see—was it a good thing for me?

Yeh—that What IF game can really kill you sometime.

But—I kept the course…until the course ran out.

I then got on another course—never looking back, never regretting my decisions…always thinking “guess that was for the best!”

And then…

I got the chance—I got the opportunity—

I got my mulligan!

My Do-Over!

My chance to find out What IF!


I’m taking it!