Points2Ponder-I Wish I Had or I’m Glad I Did?

I can honestly say "I'm Glad I did!" Can you?
I can honestly say “I’m Glad I did!” Can you?

Vacations are a necessary part of my life.

They don’t have to be long…it doesn’t have to be a week.

It just has to be a time away from…my life!

Point2Ponder    “When is the last time you really felt like you needed to get away…from life?”

I love my life. I really do…

But I do have to get away, from time to time, for some rest and relaxation.

A little R&R, if you will.

I saw this commercial that caught my eye.

It had kids begging their parents to take Just One Day To Play!

It talked about all of the vacation time that goes unused in America!

Yeh—that’s NOT my problem!

I get more vacation than my wife—and I even buy an extra week!


Because I can!

Because it’s available!

Because they offer it!

Because…I WANT IT!

And…I don’t have to take a 9Day’er—you know—a week off with the 2 weekends tagged on—making 9 days!


I’m great with long weekends—4 or 5 days, including a weekend.

That way—you take a Monday and a Tuesday off—and you’ve had 4 days away to just unwind and rest…your soul!

I hate Tuesdays!

It’s my least favorite day of the week.



Monday feels good because I just got back from a weekend—and I enjoy each weekend to the max! I make it a pleasure!

Wednesday is Hump Day—Middle of the week—I can see the Next Weekend!

Thursday is what I call Friday’s Eve—almost there!

Friday? Well Friday is Friday all Day Long—Friday Night is on the way—and another weekend to make magical moments!

But Tuesday?

The last weekend is officially over AND the Next weekend is too far away to see—that’s why I hate Tuesdays!

The only way to make them enjoyable is—be off work on vacation or…make it your last day of work for the week!

Take off Wednesday, Thursday AND Friday!

That’s how you can make Tuesday enjoyable!

So…I have several “long weekends” throughout the year!

I even take mental health days—ME Time—just a day with me, myself and I!

Just to re-energize my mind and soul…

I usually take a Mid Week Sabbatical—Take Wednesday off!

That’s another way to make Tuesday enjoyable—make it my Friday—and I LOVE Fridays!

Work a Monday—not bad.

Work a Friday—GREAT!

Have a Mid Week Day Away from work—

And come back to another Monday/Friday combo!

Now that’s NOT a bad week at all!

How about you?

What do you to rest and relax?

How often do you “get away from it all?”

How many days do you still have in your Vacation Bank at work?

How many days do you NOT take?

Care to sell them to me?