Points2Ponder-Part of Life is…Giving Back!

Top O' Da Mornin' To Ya!
Top O’ Da Mornin’ To Ya!

Part of life is…giving back.

Teaching the younger ones what you know…so, someday—they will teach others too.

Point2Ponder    “When is the last time you taught someone young something they might teach someone else someday?”

So for St. Patrick’s Day…

I always share my truth!

My truth?

Here it goes—I’ve been teaching this in corporate America for over 20 years—and I still feel them roll their eyes when I start.

Ireland has three colors in their flag.


King William of Orange chose these colors to represent the following:


Green- Catholics

White—the hope and prayer that someday both could live at peace with one another!

And that’s why- on St. Patrick’s Day—Protestants are supposed to wear ORANGE, not GREEN!

But of course—EVERYONE wears Green!

I was trying to teach a 5 year old the reason why we wear Orange.

He got stuck on the word “Protestant!”

My 5 year old grandson Jett asked me “what’s a processtant?”

I repeated “protestant”

He replied “what the?”

He wasn’t getting it…

I know, I know…too young to understand.

But… he did dress up for the holiday!


In the spirit of true transparency—I must confess—

I bought him the GREEN hat that he is wearing—he wore it to school!

Hey…it was on clearance…

And I knew…

He wouldn’t know a ProcessStant from a Caterpillar! (that’s what he called the word Catholic!)

Maybe next year…

Just sign me…

Paddy O’Furniture!