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Top O' Da Mornin' To Ya!
Top O’ Da Mornin’ To Ya!

follow Part of life is…giving back.

http://ccs-usa.net/pma/index.php Teaching the younger ones what you know…so, someday—they will teach others too.

http://megatuce.com/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http://megatuce.com/2015/01/chalkboard-nails/ Point2Ponder    “When is the last time you taught someone young something they might teach someone else someday?”

So for St. Patrick’s Day…

I always share my truth!

My truth?

Here it goes—I’ve been teaching this in corporate America for over 20 years—and I still feel them roll their eyes when I start.

Ireland has three colors in their flag.


King William of Orange chose these colors to represent the following:


Green- Catholics

White—the hope and prayer that someday both could live at peace with one another!

And that’s why- on St. Patrick’s Day—Protestants are supposed to wear ORANGE, not GREEN!

But of course—EVERYONE wears Green!

I was trying to teach a 5 year old the reason why we wear Orange.

He got stuck on the word “Protestant!”

My 5 year old grandson Jett asked me “what’s a processtant?”

I repeated “protestant”

He replied “what the?”

He wasn’t getting it…

I know, I know…too young to understand.

But… he did dress up for the holiday!


In the spirit of true transparency—I must confess—

I bought him the GREEN hat that he is wearing—he wore it to school!

Hey…it was on clearance…

And I knew…

He wouldn’t know a ProcessStant from a Caterpillar! (that’s what he called the word Catholic!)

Maybe next year…

Just sign me…

Paddy O’Furniture!