Points2Ponder – Happy New Year 2014

Our YearInAJar 2013
Our YearInAJar 2013


Happy New Year 2014!

As we say goodbye to 2013- we reflect on our fond memories of the year that was!

My top 3 memories for 2013 were:

1 – Cali Harper Scaglione was born on March 6th, 2013 – our Sweet Pea granddaughter, sister to big brother Jett Jameson

2 – My godson Shane Alan Wood’s marriage to his bride Jessica- performing their ceremony was a highlight of my life, not just my year!

3 – The release of my second book, the sequel to One Unexpected Event—Aftermath!

Unfortunately, the mantra Nothing Routine in 2013 brought a lot of unexpected events of the not so happy kind!

Nevertheless—we weathered each storm that came our way as a family united—and protected—under God!

And now—a new book with 365 blank pages await for us to put pen to the page—and live the dream—each and every day!

What you are accessing right now is a dream come true for me—my beefed up, all encompassing, all things Alan—repository for all of my words!

I have always dreamt of having one place where all that I have written, from songs, to poems, to short stories, to excerpts of my novels, to my blogs…

All under one roof—so the man who “draws pictures with his words” can have a home for his paintings!

All because I decided to quit talking about it and… Just do it!

The Bible says “The people perish where there is no vision!”

So? Where’s your vision?

What’s your dream?

When will you be ready to see it unfold?

The journey of a thousand miles starts with… one step!


Point2Ponder     Why don’t we stop and do what we have always wanted to do? Why do we always wait… and never get it done?


So here’s your chance to start something new—for you! All you have to do is… DO!

You deserve to make your dream come true—you deserve to place it as a priority—you deserve to allow yourself to see it thru!

I’ve talked about the “AllThingsAlan” repository for years—

But, now you see it and can experience all of the words God has given to me—I share with you!

Share your dream with me—I will be your accountability partner—to hold you to it—to gentle reminder you that “you deserve it—so do it!”

I have made COMMENTS so easy—Just select the Send me a Comment button—use your email address—and send it to me!

So… you have no excuse—now you can reach me—now you can hear from me—now you can talk to me!

One Last thing!

That “Year in Jar” that you saw in that picture?

That is something Bella and I have been doing for the past 4 years—our Year in a Jar!

We collect memorabilia of anything we experienced in the year—movie ticket stubs, playbills, napkins from weddings, restaurants, calling cards.

And we put them in this jar, starting January 1st thru December 31st—collecting memories of our year in a jar!

And we pull out the jar on New Year’s Eve and put the memories in a scrapbook—and reflect on our year together!

Oh the places we went, or the things we saw, oh the people we met, oh the memories we made!

Might be something you would like to start?

Feel free—I’m all about making moments matter so we can make lifetime memories!

So…Livin’ The Dream in 2014!

I challenge you—I dare you!

Catch the Vision—Live the Dream!

Make Moments Matter In 2014!