Points2Ponder- My Favorite Kind of Vacation!

My favorite vacation-- spent with them!
My favorite vacation– spent with them!

My vacation time is precious to me!

I love to work—but I love to take my vacation.

I even buy a week because—I need the “down time” that a vacation day provides.

I plan our vacations to provide just that—“down time” to rest and relax.

Whether they are 3 day getaways to Key West or a week long in Savannah—my vacation days are high commodity, and I value them!

Point2Ponder    “When is the last time you “wasted” a day off…doing everything that relaxes and restores your soul?”

I get more vacation than my wife gets—consequently, I have to schedule our “vacations” to maximize our time together—

Based on her days off.

So…the “big” vacays are together and travelling.

But there are days that I just want to get away from the schedule, the routine, the responsibility, the stress of our “everyday” everyday!

So what do I do?

I drive 110 miles to spend 1 night in a recliner, not a bed, just so I can wake up to hear a crying baby declare that she is up and ready…

And I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

I spend my day away giving my son a day away—he is a stay at home dad, and I just want him to have a day away sometimes.

And when I can schedule a Wednesday off—who wastes a vacation day on a Wednesday? You gotta go back to work on Thursday!

But—I really don’t mind—it’s like 2 mini weeks of just Monday and Friday twice! What’s not to love about that?

I know, I know—most people would NOT love that arrangement much less “waste” their PTO (Personal Time Off) on a 1 day’er!

Guess you haven’t met my grandkids!

This is Jett’s Spring Break! He’s in Kindergarten, but— he gets a Spring Break!

So…I drove in Tuesday Night, had dinner with my brother and sister-in-law and headed to Jett and Cali’s house.

Not before stopping at Publix to pick up my required purchases prior to visiting Jett.

A half gallon of chocolate milk AND Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Mini frozen breakaway cookies.

Every time—that’s what I bring—it’s “our” thing!

Probably should have picked something healthy like carrots and water, but—who’d look forward to that? Not a 5 year old!

I arrived just in time to play with Cali for about 30 minutes before she had to go to bed.

She did NOT want to leave Nano—she said “No! Nano!” not bad for a recently 2 year old.

Then their parents were ready for bed.

My son said “I guess Jett gets to stay up as late as Nano lets him! Good night!”

And that was about 9:30…

Jett smiled because he knew—we were not going to bed anytime soon!

Once they went to bed—we played card games—that Jett made up!

He combined two and we played a new game called “Sorry I Poked the Pig!”

Then we played our version of Crazy 8 called “Crazy 19!”

While we played—we talked and laughed.

I asked Jett what he wanted to be when he grew up—he’s 5—he should be thinking about his future!

Jett pondered for a few minutes, so I asked “A doctor? A lawyer? A fireman?”

Jett suddenly looked at me and said “Nah! I want to be a normal Dad, like my Dad…he’s my best friend!”

I could have cried right there—

As a father—who could ask for anything more to declare that you are doing a good job!

As a grandfather—the pride we two fold—for my son and for his son—our 5 year old thoughtful boy!

We finally went to sleep around 2 am…

Me in the recliner, and Jett on the couch next to me!

And the next morning…

Breakfast was served!

Toast with jelly and butter—his choice!

The day unfolded with a bike ride, a walk around the block, learning to play marbles, an art project, Skylander play time…

Then while Cali was napping, Jett and I went through the scrapbook I made his Dad for his 30th birthday recently.

I got to show Jett “My Little Boy!”—his Dad.

The pics of his Dad at age 5—Jett’s age now—really caused Jett to say “My Dad looks like me!”

And I explained to this little boy his Dad in a way he never knew—as a son of a very proud Papa.

Jett said that he never saw his dad as a little boy before.

I said “he was once just as young as you are now!”

Jett hugged me and said “I love you Nano!”

We spent the rest of the day outside under the sprinkler! Running back and forth, getting wet on a Spring Day!

As I left—my son thanked me for the day away—he said he really appreciated it.

Little did he know—it was the Best VACATION I’ve had all year!