Points2Ponder-When is Politically Correct Downright Stupid?

What would YOU call him?
What would YOU call him?

This is my comment on our world.

That’s the point of this “points to ponder”.

It’s just my “hmmm?”  View of our society.

We are just so afraid to offend…

Point2Ponder    “When is the last time you said we are so politically correct, we are downright stupid?”

I know, I know…”stupid” is such a harsh word—but sometimes, it just seems to be the best word that applies.

Here’s the story…

You decide!

So my “friend” has some over-the-phone dealings with Bank of America.

He is speaking with the customer service representative who advises my friend that he needs to go through their security set up.

It requires my friend to answer some questions that only he would know—to set up his security screen.

He agrees.

It’s all online, so…

Question one: What was your best friend growing up?

Answer: Richard

Question two: What was your first car?

Answer: Rambler (anyone even remember a Rambler?)

Question three: What was the name of your childhood pet?

Answer: Whitey

System Reply: We are not allowed to accept PROFANE answers—Select again!


Profane Answer?

What did the system that is programmed by people just say in response to my pet’s name?



You see—that is just STUPID!

I know this family well—

They also had a dog named Brownie because—he had brown hair.

And then before that, they’re dog’s name was Blackie.

You guessed it—black hair on the dog’s back.

Guess by now you can guess what color hair Whitey had.

You can say they were not very original in naming their animals—and I would agree.

You gotta know…

Growing up…

My animals were:

Jeremiah, Thaddeus, Peanuts, Tarzan, Donna, Sheenah Keenah, Bozo, Moses (a girl dog!) and Thaddeesia (Thaddeus’ twin sister!)

So… I was a lot more creative, but still…his dog was named Whtey because it was White haired!

And now—someone has programmed this Diversity and Inclusion sensitive program to assume that Whitey is a Profane Name!

We are just so afraid to offend anyone, everyone that we make big assumptions and giant leaps across logic and reason…

To program a security screen to reject Whitey the Dog as something that is racial and profane.

That’s where our society has gone…

To the dogs!

Now that’s Just Stupid!