Point2Ponder- I Can’t Do “That” Anymore

That guy was invincible! He could do anything-- and did!
That guy was invincible! He could do anything– and did!

We have always heard “You can do anything you set your mind to—just imagine it, and you can do it!”

We even tell our kids “The sky is the limit—whatever you want to do, just work really hard and it will be yours!”

And then we tell ourselves “I can do anything I want—nothing is too big or too hard for me—all within my reach!”

But…is it?

Point2Ponder    “When is the last time you realized—I can’t do “that” anymore—whatever “that” is!”

I have always been a mind over matter kind of guy.

I have been able to achieve things that no one thought I could.

I’ve done things that even I was surprised I accomplished!

I just always thought that I could make whatever I needed to happen—happen!

But then you reach a certain age—and suddenly, you just can’t do what you used to do.

I was that brute—it seemed like EVERYONE who was moving ALWAYS called me and asked if I would help.

And… I did!

I had this one friend—who had this loveseat she always needed moved—from house to house whenever she and her three girls moved.

Loveseat—no problem!

Loveseat WITH a SOFABED? Problem!

And yet—I always moved that blasted loveseat!

I remember the 5th or 6th time I loved it, I said to her “this is the LAST time I’m moving this loveseat!”

She laughed it off—but I wasn’t kidding!

And yet—when she sold it in a yard sale—we chuckled about not having that loveseat to cart around ever again!

And we said we would miss it.

I lied—I wouldn’t!

But today—if I had to move that loveseat/sofabed?

I would call “2 guys and a truck!” and PAY them to move it!

Oh the joys of being young AND poor!

We sure got a lot accomplished, now didn’t we?

I just never thought there would come a day when—I wouldn’t be able to do things like I used to.

One of my favorite country songs goes something like this:

“I’m not as good as I once was, but I’m as good once as I ever was!”

You get the drift!

Youth—it really is wasted on the Young!

Nowadays, I just don’t feel like I even think as fast or as quick as I once did!

There are times when I will sit and think “what was the name of that song?”

Or… “What is the name of that movie that we went to?”

My loving wife says “it’s just getting older!”

I am so upset that I AM getting older!

I thought I would beat that to!

I used to love to play beach volleyball—played on the weekends out at Siesta Key in Sarasota, Florida.

Loved it—played all day—didn’t think one bit about…

Am I going to twist my knee?

Will I tear my meniscus?

Could I blow my back out while lunging for the ball?

What if I do hurt my back or knee or elbow or wrist or leg or ankle or foot? What about my job?

I never used to look down as I walked—probably should have, but I just never did!


I am always thinking “I can’t fall! Watch your step! Don’t fall!”

I know how long it takes for someone of a certain age to rehab from a fall or break or twist or sprain!


The things we just can’t do anymore—without asking “what if?”

Hey…at least I’ve got my memories!

Did I mention that I once dove off the side of an old country bridge?

It was so much fun!

I loved the exhilaration of the rush of the jump!

And I never once thought “What if? I hit my head, I’m paralyzed, I’m permanently disabled from this jump?”

Nope—never did!

Now? Whatever!