Points2Ponder-Being Slapped By Mortality

Grandma Betty loved her great grandsons Dawson and Fisher!
Grandma Betty loved her great grandsons Dawson and Fisher!

This is Not morbid…I promise.

But…it is sobering…so, may not get many laughs with this one…but, love me enough…to read on!

Point2Ponder    “When is the last time you got slapped in the face with mortality—we’re all gonna die!”

In the past week, four people whom I know personally….died.

And they ranged from 40 to 80, but…they all had one thing in common…

They died!

One was a girl named Andrea who was in my youth group, back in the day.

She was bubbly and funny and had a contagious laugh—and a smile that ran ear to ear.

She died in a diving accident in Key West.

Then there was the “CandyMan”….

That’s what all of our kids called him.

He was that happy uncle at church that always gave the kids candy.

They would run up to him—and he would dole out candy to all of them.

And then there was the genteel version of Paula Deen in our lives.

She was our daughters’ Sunday School teacher—and she just loved on everyone.

She was someone everyone wanted to know.

And then there was Dawson’s grandma Betty.

She was 80+ and the BEST Cuban food cook you could meet—even though—she was NOT Cuban.

She loved her granddaughter and two great grandsons more than words could speak—she loved through actions.

She was in good health until a month ago—she fell—had emergency hip surgery—survived it all splendidly.

But then…she just went downhill…

Until…on Valentine’s Day night… she went home for the last time!


It just hits you wear it hurts…

No matter how we try our best to ignore it or deny it… we are all gonna die—at “some point!”

Problem is… you don’t know when “your point” is!

I have often said “I’m not afraid to die—but I’m scared to death of dying!”
You see—I know where I will open my eyes on the other side of this life—my faith is strong and my belief is stronger!

I will wake up in Heaven!

It’s the part of getting to “that” part that I’m afraid of.

The “dying” part!

I’ve watched a few people die—and none of them look like they are NOT in pain!

Just my observation—but I haven’t seen the “I see a great light” experiences—mostly, they look scared and in pain.

Not that everyone goes like that—just the 5 that I’ve seen!

So… I often equate it to…

We don’t remember how it was to be born.

But we all know the physicality of birth—and it must have been painful for the baby—and we are “glad” they don’t remember!

And once they are born… Life is waiting for them! And they don’t remember one iota of that birth canal experience!

So maybe, just maybe— the act of dying is the same way.

Maybe… it’s a “Death Canal” that we have to struggle through—with pain, I am sure—but then…

We wake up to our NEW LIFE—and we won’t remember any of that pain in the Death Canal!

Just take a moment to think about the passage from this life to the next—

The pain in the Death Canal…

But…the joy in the waking up on the “other side!”

I hear people are just dying to get there!