Points2Ponder-When Life Changes Your Plans For The Better

A young Couple In Love- Married on Valentine's Day 2015!
A young Couple In Love-
Married on Valentine’s Day 2015!

Sometimes…you just gotta go with the flow…and let the “unexpected” take over your plans—so you can really enjoy life!

Point2Ponder    “When is the last time you got a call that changed all your plans—and you were ecstatic?”

Valentine’s is BIG for Bella and me—we celebrate for the whole week leading up to it!

It’s just so true for us—we really appreciate our love!

And I have always said—

“All you need to know good is…to have had bad!”

And we both—have had bad!

So…celebrating the gift that God gave us when He gave us each other—is a sheer joy!

We’ve had plans for a couple of months!

Going to a really nice restaurant that only takes reservations—and it’s been booked for 2 months—

But we’ve got reservations!


And this one will be even more special because…my lovely bride will be coming home after being away for over a week.

She has been taking care of our new granddaughter Keira and her new Mom Lauren—Bella’s daughter had her first child.

And Nana was right there to do everything she could to help baby and Mama (and new Dad too) get adjusted to baby in the house!

She has been exactly where we both wanted her to be—but, we have missed each other a lot!

We actually enjoy each other’s company—I am loud, she is quiet; She is lovable, I am tolerable!

But together—she is everything to me!

So… needless to say—all the romance of the weekend has been planned to the last minute!

And the anticipation—let’s just say that it’s through the roof!

And then…I get a text—no one calls anymore! J

And our plans are changed—for the BETTER!

See that couple?

They are Sandy’s family—Rich is her son, Derrick’s boy!

And he and his lovely bride Kristen asked if I had any plans for Valentine’s Day…

Well—you now know all the plans I had, but…nothing is more romantic than seeing a young couple so in love…

They want to get MARRIED on Valentine’s Day!

What could I say but…YES! Of course—It would be my honor!

Rich and Kristen just wanted something small for now—they may have a bigger wedding later, but…

Romantic and intimate and full of family—now that’s the recipe for a lifetime memory!

And so… I am ecstatic to see this young couple experience the sheer joy that keeps me waiting for my bride—15 years later!

And I pray that they find the same “love of a lifetime” that we have found.

It does take work—but it can’t be ALL work—it has to be chemistry… and respect and honor and friendship!

But at the base of that house you build together—it must be founded on GOD and honoring HIM in your relationship!

HE is the one who builds the House—without HIS glue—it will just fall apart!

So… God is an invited guest on Saturday—HE will be our Guest of Honor!

I will be giving the newlyweds my standard gift that will assist them in building that house!

It’s a book that I use when I counsel couples prior to marriage and prior to divorce—it works well in both situations.

Dr. Gary Chapman’s “The Five Love Languages!”

It requires each person to answer the question “I feel loved most when…”

The choices are: Gifts, Quality Time, Acts of Service, Words of Affirmation, Physical Touch

I know, I know—every young couple jumps to the Physical Touch, but…at the root of what makes us feel loved is…one of the others!

And the most important thing you can teach your spouse/partner is…what YOU need to feel LOVED!

It doesn’t matter what they want to give you to show their love IF it’s not what you NEED!

They may want to give you gifts to shower you with their expression of love…

But inside, you only feel loved when they shut off their phone and give your top priority with Quality Time!

You see what I’m saying?

Find out what you NEED and then share that with your partner/spouse so they can know what makes you feel loved!

And right now—having a wedding on the LOVINGest Day of the year—watching young love start out their journey!

Hoping for the Best—Praying for the Rest!

We’ve having a wedding, ya’ll!