Points2Ponder-Meeting My Millennium PenPals

Lifelong Friends-- face2face after 40 years!
Lifelong Friends– face2face after 40 years!

With the advent of email and Facebook, friendships are able to be “real time” without ever seeing each other.

We used to send letters and cards, which took a week to arrive—and an occasional phone call at the holidays…

But today? In the Millennium, we just email or Instagram or Facebook our “friends” and share every moment of every day.

And it feels like we haven’t missed a beat or lost touch in any way…

But—we still haven’t “seen” or “touched” them in years …

Point2Ponder    “When is the last time you got to “meet” one of your Millennium PenPals?”

Mike and I haven’t physically seen each other in 40 years—that’s right, 40 years!

He and I shared a period of time when we were both in church and both part of this once in a lifetime religious experience.

And it changed our lives forever—seriously, it really did!

And through Facebook, we found each other again about 5 years ago.

We have worked together on my books—he is my Editor in Chief on all of my books.

We email almost weekly, just keeping in contact, sharing life.

Then a couple of weeks ago, Mike contacted me to say that he was coming to visit his aging father for the weekend.

He said that he would love to get together if we could work it out.

If we could work it out?

I was going to make sure that we “worked it out!”

So this past Saturday morning, I was sitting in my usual spot, drinking my Cuban coffee at The Tropicana in Ybor City.

And the front door opens, and…out of the corner of my eye, I see this smile—and it is like I just saw him yesterday.

I would know that smile anywhere!

And we met and hugged and laughed and said “you still look the same!”

That’s a lie old friends tell each other—but honestly—we see our spirit—and it looks the same—our smile, our demeanor.

And we sat and talked like no time had elapsed.

My wife was present and got to hear stories from that period of my life told by someone else—to validate my perception of it.

And it was on point—fully validation of my memories of that time in life.

We were joined by another old friend who used to sing with Mike—TB had not seen Mike in 40 years also.

And yet he started with “Hi Woodstock!”

That was our name for TB way back when…

And we laughed…like old friends who are all in on the same joke!

We reminisced and talked of good times—funny how they are all good times….as time passes…the bad fades, but the good?

The good becomes 24karat pure gold!

I asked them both this heart searching question:

“What has been the one thing about life that we expected back then that has not panned out as we got older? The disappointment?”

And we went around the table and talked about what our expectations were and how they were or were not realized.

Just a moment of reflection between old friends.

TB had to leave—we bid her a fond adieu.

Then Mike and I talked about it is still Well With Our Soul!

How he and I both have consistently lived a life dedicated to Christ—with no regrets!

It’s been a rich and rewarding life—one that truly has been worth the journey and any sacrifice we made along the way.

And we just talked about how good life is—and how Great God Is!

As he left, I asked if I would ever “see” him again—you know—another physical visit.

He said “I come into town at least once a year to see my Dad—I will make it a point to see you too—friend!”

I guess I really was.