Reflections of…Providence!

February is National Heart Health Month!

As a survivor of a major heart attack, I am forever proclaiming Heart Health!

Know the signs of a heart attack!

For a man…they are usually left arm numbness, elephant on chest pain, terrible head ache, back pain.

For a woman…it can be nausea or headache or lower back pain(yes- Lower) or upset stomach…

Bottom line—if you don’t know—GO!

Do NOT diagnose yourself as “I will be okay in a little while!”

You just may NOT have that little while to be okay!

I’m dead serious—you cannot minimize the symptoms—Please hear me! GO and find out!

It may just save your life!

And if not for yourself—stop right now and think—who would be devastated if I suddenly died?

For me…it’s my wife and grandkids—I do NOT want to put them through that pain…

Of losing me!

Not without me trying my VERY BEST to stay here as long as possible!

How about you—

Don’t they deserve your best effort?

I think they do!

And you never know…when your heart attack will happen—or how young you will be!

Yes—I said YOUNG!

I went to the AT&T store today to return my brand new Note4—I just was underwhelmed with it.

So…my son convinced me to return it.

Glad I called—I only had one day to make the return before I would not be allowed to return it.


So… I walk in and a man named Ryan Williams meets me at the door!

The perfect picture of health!

He is friendly and courteous – good customer service skills.

I tell him what I need, and we go to one of the kiosks so he can take care of my request.

We start what seems like a usual customer rapport building conversation.

He sees on my address that I am from Seffner.

He used to be a UPS driver, driving to Tampa every day—he knew exactly where my house was!

He then mentions that he had to quit driving because…

He had a heart attack AND a stroke while driving—and he had to pull over and the fire rescue squad came.

He was lucky that they got to him quick enough!

He was also THIRTY SIX!


And he shares how God saved him and how his doctors said he had a 50/50 chance when they tried to dissipate the clots in his lungs…could go either way…

But God had a plan!

And God made sure which way it went!

He shared how he turned his life around and turned to God and has been living for the Lord since that time.

He told me about his 18 month old daughter Vivienne!

And about his wife—who is dealing with spinal cord disease!

A lot is going with this couple—and he asked for prayer—I promised that we would ALL pray for his family!

Then I shared—I too was a heart attack survivor!

And God had touched me also—and I am living for the Lord also—just spreading the good news!

So…here was Ryan—at the AT&T store—not expecting to share his testimony with someone who knew—

Exactly what he had lived through!

And he said he didn’t know why it happened—

And I shared Jeremiah 29:11 and Jeremiah 1:4-5 and Jeremiah 33:3…

And he had me write them down so he could study them later.

And in the middle of AT&T… Ryan and I had church!

God has a plan for our lives—for us to prosper and for an expected end.

He knew us since we were in our mother’s womb.

And He just wants US to call on HIM and HE will show us GREAT and MIGHTY THINGS!


I read this column, and I learn stuff from it too!

And Ryan is now reading!