Points2Ponder-Life Is All About The Journey

Willie with the Big Boss-- His wife!
Willie with the Big Boss– His wife!

They say life is all about the journey.

I say it’s all about the several journeys you take…some end, leading you to start another journey.

And someday, all the journeys end with one Big End…the End!

When you start doing all of the lasts in your life…for the first time!

Point2Ponder    “When is the last time you had the first time for a last time you would do something?”

Today is my friend Willie’s last day of work.

NOT his last day at this current employer—NO! It’s really his LAST DAY TO EVER WORK AGAIN!


He has reached the end of the journey most of us start out in our teenage years—our gainful employment period!

You Know—working for DA MAN!

We all ask—“where do you work?” or… “What do you do for a living?”

And tomorrow, Willie’s answers will be “nowhere” and “nothing!”

And he will wear it as a badge of honor!

He has attained that spot in life where he is revered and envied by all of us working stiffs who all go to a place each day.

Make a living, as they say, and leave each afternoon to go “Live that living” at home!

Just to turn around and do it all over again the next day!

It is a habit in life that we all talk about our jobs—how we hate them, how we wish we could be on vacation, how we love time off.

But the truth is—most of us love the “habit” of going somewhere to do something for someone…and complain about it.

What most of us don’t want is—the end of a journey that won’t start another journey…

Except the Last journey of our lives—Retirement!

I have 10 years left before it’s my Last Day for the Last Day I Work for DA   MAN!

And I have to admit—I am NOT looking forward to it!

I know, I know—everybody says “When I retire, I will be able to do this and go there!”


When you retire—you will be older, and you will have less energy and more physical ailments constricting what you can do…

So really? Will you really do all those things when you retire?

Why aren’t you doing them now?

While you can—do them now!

But for Willie—a good man, a friend a friend would like to have—quiet in nature but solid in commitment!

He has worked since he left home at age 16, rough teenage years but he worked and worked and worked!

He spent a lot of time in management—being DA MAN to so many at his job!

Then he wasn’t.

But then he found a new job where he was just going to go to work, do his job, collect his paycheck, and come home.

Within a year—he was promoted to be a supervisor—and once again, he was DA MAN!

But today—he will retire his “Da Man” uniform and put away his business suit, metaphorically speaking…

And he will walk out into the last journey he will take until the very last of his lasts happens.

He will retire from the rat race—hang up his gloves and punch out his timecard for the last time.

And I can honestly say—no one I know deserves it more!

He has earned the right to sit back and do absolutely nothing—and again, he will rise to the top and be envied by all.

Willie will find away to be promoted in this job too…

He has been promoted to the role of CRO in charge of AN!

Chief Retirement Officer in charge of Absolutely Nothing!

And it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy!

Congratulations Willie—

I think I hear your “real” boss calling—

She has a “Honey Do” List just waiting for you…

Honey Do this…

Honey Do that!

Yep—even Willie STILL reports to the Big Boss—his wife!

Don’t we all!