Points2Ponder-Realizing Just How Fast Life Moves

Happy Birthday Ellen--wish you were here!

Today is my first best friend’s birthday.

She would have been 56 today.

I say would have been because—she’s spent the last 14 of those birthdays—in Heaven.

She died of stomach cancer…14 years ago this April 13th.

And I remember it like it was just yesterday.

Because—in my mind—it really was!

Point2Ponder    “When is the last time you realized just how fast life moves?”

But…since Ellen left us 14 years ago…

A lot has happened.

I’ve had all 8 of my grandkids.

My son has gotten married.

My job has changed three times.

My home has changed twice.

My life has changed a million times—

I’m an author, a blogger, a reporter…

I’ve had another best friend die from cancer.

All of these things have happened during these past 14 years while Ellen has been checking out her new digs in Heavenly Acres!

But—it feels like she was just here—just talking about sports, her favorite Florida Gator Girls Basketball team.

 And she was just reminding me that “they’re just kids, bud, they’re just kids!” defending my kids’ irresponsible actions.

She was so full of life—laughed, cried, shared her life with those she loved—and made every moment matter!

Never realizing that she would only 42 years of moments that would matter!

We all think we have all the time in the world—that we are invincible, immortal, unstoppable.

But—I’ve found that some things can stop un dead in our tracks—like cancer.

Ellen said she was going to be the Lance Armstrong of Stomach Cancer.

You remember him?

He used to be a hero—he was for her—before he wasn’t.

I’m glad she didn’t see when he was not.

She really looked up to him—it would have broken her heart to know—he wasn’t all he said he was.

And was not the Lance Armstrong of Stomach Cancer.

But she wanted to be—there was enough fight in her to beat that cancer—until there wasn’t.

Time has a way of just speeding along, regardless of our ignoring the years as they fade and the counter as it increases.

And suddenly, it’s 14 years later…and life has just moved on…like you weren’t even there.

But we know…you were!

And someday…it will be my turn…to be forgotten.

Funny thing about time AND life—it stops and starts for no one—even me.

And that just makes you feel so insignificant—and you wonder “where did the time go?”

It went where it always goes—behind us- adding up until—you’re 55 and you think “how’d that happen?”

So make up your mind to do something ordinary in an extraordinary way—to LIVE the LIFE you’ve been given.

That’s what Ellen did—she lived more life in 42 years than most of us do now.

And that’s a shame—we who take for granted that there will always be “another day”…

Until there isn’t.

And then we wonder “why did I waste so much time doing so little…why was “nothing” what I did most with my life?”

Only you can decide that will NOT be your answer at the end of the day…

Or…at the end of your road.

Live the Life that you’ve been given—while it has been given.

Someday—sooner than you think—“another day” will become your “last day”…

And on that day… what will you say?