Points2Ponder-Feeling Truly Helpless

Sometimes...it's not that easy to remind yourself no matter what-B thankful!
Sometimes…it’s not that easy to remind yourself no matter what-B thankful!

This will not be a long one, I promise.

But this is about as transparent as I can be with you—my faceless friends around the globe.

Point2Ponder    “When is the last time you truly felt helpless, unable to fix what needed to be fixed?”

I have a situation in my life that is bigger than me.

I know that my God can handle what I cannot—and He will need to, at this point, because I am unable to fix this.

I keep thinking in my head “I have all these balls up in the air, and I can’t keep them spinning!”

I have this sense of helplessness- a true feeling of not being able to resolve an issue that needs resolving.

And some things—just don’t fix themselves and they also just don’t accept a quick fix.

No…some things—consume all of your thoughts and all of your energy…

As you ponder and probe the deep recesses of your mind and wonder—“How can I fix this? Why can’t I find a solution?”

There are some issues that just don’t go away because you “will it” to disappear.

Sometimes—you can pray and believe, claim to receive…and still, you just have to trust…

When God decides to move your Mountain, it will move.

Until then—it’s just going to obstruct your view and overshadow your sun!

And you will feel helpless to help the ones you love who are going through this horrific time in their lives.

And in the end—isn’t that the real hell?

Watching someone you love hurt so bad and knowing—you can’t take it away, and you can’t fix it for them.

That’s a pain in your heart that throbs while you sleep—if you can sleep—for the little time you can—sleep!

And that’s why I pray for Peace—the Peace that only God can give—in the midst of the storm—when it is its darkest…

That’s when we need the PeaceSpeaker—the one who can still calm the waves while He walks on them toward you!

And you see Him—coming toward you—and you realize—you are Standing in the Face of AWE!

That’s where I am—helpless but not hopeless—knowing that I can’t do it but assured that I know who can.

You see—I’ve seen Him calm storms before…

He’s the only Weatherman who CAN!