Reflections of…Passing On The Torch!

My newest favorite picture of my legacy!
My newest favorite picture of my legacy!

So Jett came to visit this weekend.

You may not think that is such a big deal, but…

We live 100 miles apart!

So…for him to be away from his mom and dad—that far away…

IS a big deal!

Nana picked him up after handling business in Tampa, where he lives.

They drove home with the help of a Happy Meal

And a couple of “I will see you in 15 minutes!” calls of assurance from Nano.

When he got here—we had Christmas all over again!

He hadn’t seen our Tree—which I purposely kept up until his visit.

It is a live tree—Every Year we have live trees—since I was on my own—always a live tree!

And it actually lasted pretty well—I watered it once a week—and it never got brittle.

We have had a tradition in our family that we give our kids new ornaments each year.

And of course—after almost 30 years—there are a lot of memorable ornaments!

I showed Jett some of the important ones…

Like the one my Nana Josephine had since she was a girl—back in 1923.

Then there was the potholder—YES—potholder—that my Mama stitched the year she passed away.

Then you have all of our kids—their picture on the ornament of their first Christmas.

And of course—different ornaments to represent their interests over the years.

Jett saw one that was a drum!

He said “That’s mine because I am a drummer!”

I said “No—that’s your Dad’s! He was a drummer and so we got that for him!”

Jett contemplated for a moment and said “But I’m the drummer now—so that is now my ornament!”

He thought another minute and said “I’ll tell Dad when I get home that this is now mine!”

And as simple as life can be—the torch was passed!

Jett is now the drummer in our family!

I showed him my Santa Claus– he is old and age stained– I got him when I was 5 years old– makes him 50 this year.

Jett asked why would I keep him because he is so old– why not just get a new one.

I explained that heritage is like this old Santa– you keep it around to remind you of better times and people gone by!

I told him that someday he will have my Santa– and he can tell his son about me.

Jett said “Nano– you can tell him– you’ll be here!”

Then he reached up and hugged me!

My wife says that I am always teaching Jett something about our heritage and our legacy.

She says he’s just too young to take it all in.

But…I know—repetition is the key to memorization.

And I am not sure how many more Christmases I will have with my little grandson.

So… I need to share with him, mentor him, teach him about our past…so he can carry it into his future.

We have all had mentors in our lives.

My devotion this week talked about Moses mentoring Joshua.

At one point, God instructs Moses to bless Joshua and teach him what he needs to know so he can lead.

Check out Exodus 17:8-16 to see how Moses prayed for Joshua—training him to lead God’s people.

That’s my job with my grandson—to tell him the stories his Dad may not remember.

Someday—I won’t be here to remind him of those people who have gone before us..

I will BE one of those people…but I know, Jett will remember me!

He told me “Broncos are your team, right Nano?”

And I said “yes!”

And he then said “But you like the Georgia Bulldogs and not the Florida State Seminoles. My Dad likes the Seminoles!”

I just laughed as he was trying to impress me with what he remembered.

Then he said “Your name is Alan PETER Scaglione—my name is Jett JAMESON Scaglione, like my Dad!”

And I picked him up and hugged him and said “You keep remembering everything about our family!”

As a mentor—maybe I’m doing okay.

What about you?

Who do you mentor?

Who is Your Joshua?

Who calls You Moses?

With life comes responsibility—

You have a responsibility to pass on the stories, teach the younger, prepare them to lead…

It’s time for you to consider—who will you pass your torch to?

Moses had Joshua…

Who do you have?

You Should have someone!