Points2Ponder-Living Past “That” Moment You Knew You Wouldn’t

The Greatest Gift of All!
The Greatest Gift of All!

So…apparently, I lived through turning 55!

I’m on the other side, looking back and wondering “What was I so worried about?”

Point2Ponder    “When is the last time you lived through “that” moment you knew—you never would?”

I had dreaded it for at least the last 5 years—since I turned 50!

You see—I hate the symbol of Double Digit Nickels!

That’s what someone told me yesterday.

Their words actually were “Well Old Man—you are Double Digit Nickels! “

My worst nightmare had come to pass—they were making fun of me being official old!

AARP has been hounding me for 5 years in preparation for this day!

And every letter in the mail has gone UNOPENED and sent straight to the trash…

With more than a few “almost expletives” being spewed at the trash can!

No—I am NOT my brother!

He has been reminding waitresses for 10 years that he was due whatever discount came with being officially OLD!

I, on the other hand, would say “We are NOT that kind of people—NOT old enough for old timer discounts!”

Well—I guess we finally are!

So…my wife tries her best to soften the blow of OLDTIMERHOOD by getting me the BEST gift of the day!

She took me to my favorite Italian restaurant.

She insisted on carrying my present—I normally am the designated carrier of all merchandise BUT her purse!

I don’t carry purses—never have/never will!

Not casting aspersions on those who do—male or female—but not me! Not gonna happen!

I don’t even go into my wife’s purse—never have—she had to go through her purse for keys or candy or money!

She could be ripping me off, stealing all my money, hiding it in her purse—I wouldn’t Know! Never would find out!

But on this night—the night of my 55th birthday—my Sweet Bella was saying all the right things!

She told me that she knew me like no one else—and she knew who I was at the very core of my being.

And she impressed with the man I was and the character I possessed and the example I provided to all who knew me.

I have to admit—I loved hearing her speak the words—just validated me and all I work so hard to present to my world.

And then she presented me with that present that I have to say surprised and impressed me all at the same time!

This Cross! The one in the picture!

It was just so impressive!

It’s about 3 feet in length—and it has different sayings on it—all of them are descriptors and power words!

And she knew—I would love this!

And—she was sooo right!

I just love it!

She really does get me…and know me…and respects me!

And that’s all I wanted to have from my 55 years of life—get me, know me, respect me!

And that’s the Best Present of all!