Points2Ponder- Special New Year’s Eve Edition!

There is the bride and groom--check out the groom!
There is the bride and groom–check out the groom!

For the world—it’s New Year’s Eve!

Kiss the old year good bye- Ring in the New Year with a BANG!

Watch the Ball Drop!

Sing Auld Lang Syne!

The meaning of Auld is OLD and the meaning of Lang Syne is LONG SINCE!

But for us—It’s the Anniversary of our Son’s Wedding!

He and his wife have been married 5 years tonight!

And I was honored by officiating at the wedding!

It was a Blue Moon—2nd Full moon in one month!

We were on Tampa Bay—full moon—70 degrees—star lit night!

It was Picturesque!

Did I mention that the groom was sick as a dog and the wedding was delayed 2 hours?

Yeh—thought that would change the picture just a little!

But…at around 8:45pm, our soon to be daughter in law Kim showed up on the outside balcony …

And repeated the line from the movie Sweet Home Alabama that Reese Witherspoon shouted out…

“Hey Ya’ll! We’re gonna have a weddin’!”

And that’s exactly what we did!

It was just perfect—bride in a tailored off white sleeveless beautiful wedding dress…

And the groom? In gym shorts and a t-shirt! He got dressed later—that’s why the pics don’t show the t-shirt!

But it was a moment to remember—one that I am so glad that I didn’t miss!

My heart attack had been only 5 months prior—and I was still in so much pain—but I was NOT missing this moment!

I’ve always told me kids “Weddings and Funerals—you can’t make up for missing either of them—once in a lifetime moment!”

But that was 5 years, 2 kids, a few jobs, a couple of houses, and a whole lot of unexpected pain and adjustments along the way.


Point2Ponder    “When is the last time you “SAW” your kids—really saw them–and were impressed?”

And there they are... All dressed up!
And there they are…
All dressed up!

For a couple of 29’ers—these two have seen more than their share of Unexpected Events!

From a second beautiful baby that no one was apparently planning—but so happy to receive.

To an unexpected medical condition that caused the parents to reverse roles as principle bread earner.

From saying goodbye to their first home…

To returning to a home they never thought they would see again.

All of it—they have toughed out together—

Even in times when we parents wondered—can they make it through this?

But they did—and their love and dedication to each other grew and solidified as a result.

These Two are Built Ford Tough!

And as parents, we stand back in awe of how they have weathered the storms of life so far…

And we know—they will be okay!

They have the Lord at the center of their lives,

And they have learned to rely and depend on each other.

They are finding their OWN way as to how to parent their kids—and that’s exactly how we all found our way.

They are best friends and yet star crossed lovers!

They have seen the best and the worst of times…

And they have come out wiser and stronger than ever before.

I have to say—Bella and I are impressed with these two—and we know—at their 50th anniversary…

They will know what we already do…

Christ and your soul mate—that’s really all it takes to meander through this journey called life!

Christ to steer…

Your soul mate to laugh and cry with you along the way!

All of it makes for a great adventure!

And a ride of a lifetime!

Happy New Year to the world!

Happy Anniversary to a very special couple!  

Happy Anniversary to the  Happy Couple!
Happy Anniversary to the Happy Couple!