Points2Ponder-Surprise Call That Shocked You To Your Core

Join me--let's start an Attitude of Gratitude Revolt!
Join me–let’s start an Attitude of Gratitude Revolt!

Got a call from someone I haven’t spoken to in 22 years!

I was startled that he contacted me—our last communication was not really pleasant.

I kind of had to take a hard stand that caused a rift in our friendship.

Unfortunately, I have had to do that more than I would like in my lifetime.

But I know—Wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it and…right is right even if no one is doing it!

And I side on the right—even when it’s a very unpopular place to be.

Point2Ponder    “When is the last time you got a call that just surprised you to your core?”

He said that he has been wanting to call me for 4 months now. He has been thinking about me and knew my life and knew that I would be the person to talk to about this situation he was going through.

We talked as if no time had elapsed.

We even reminisced about the good times we shared 22 years ago and how they were some of our fondest memories.

It was like old friends who had not skipped a beat.

He told me that he knew that I was consistent in my Christianity and he had observed how I lived my life in a nonjudgmental, loving way, being fair but with high moral standards that did not budge depending on the person—they applied to everything and everyone.

I explained to him that I may never be a conventional Christian but I am certainly a consistent Christian—I am the same at work as I am at Wal-Mart of in my backyard or in my living room!

I also told him that I have learned that I will stand alone before God someday so…in the end, I am only responsible for giving account for the one life that I live before God—so I have to always remind myself to work on me—and let God work on the others!

I reminded him of a lesson I taught his Youth Group when I was their Youth Pastor.

It was the parable of the Talents—but the one where the guy is so scared that he wraps the talent in a napkin and buries it in the backyard.

I explained why God was so furious at him for doing that.

The others had been given 2 and brought back 4; another was given 5 and brought back 10.

Percentage wise—it was the same—a 100% return on his investment.

And then there was the one given the least—1 talent—and yet—he couldn’t even produce any return on the investment.

Because of Fear!

I reminded him that God has given us the talents He meant for us to have—but HE wants to see—

What will we produce with the talents we’ve been given?

Where is the return on HIS investment?

And what will we say when He asks “What did you do with what I gave you?”

It’s as simple as that.

And here we were—22 years later—catching up—and reflecting on what WE did with what HE gave us.

And we both hoped AND prayed that…

He will be happy with HIS return on HIS investment in US!

What have YOU done with what HE gave you?