Points2Ponder-Admitting God Had A Hand In That

New homeowners--My godson Shane and Jessica and their beautiful girls!
New homeowners–My godson Shane and Jessica and their beautiful girls!

When is the last time you just had to say—yep, God had His Hand in it!

My godson Shane has had a whirlwind 10 days—and he is shouting glory to God because he sees God’s hand in what happened.

And I have to admit—so do I.

Point2Ponder    “When is the last time you had no way to explain a strange turn of events—but to say “God!”

So, my godchildren Shane and Jessica have been saving for their first house for over 4 years—their “Someday” house!

They haven’t been able to do much about it—raising four daughters has a way of taking up all of your time and resources.

But…2014 was going to be their year for the house—Shane’s mom Sandy wanted them to find a home for their family.

I personally think that Angel Sandy bombarded Heaven for her son and daughter.

And as I know about my forever friend—she does not give up until she gets her way.

So Shane and Jess started working on their credit woes—throwbacks from previous relationships that still hang on for 10 years.

Shane started calling the creditors and became a professional negotiator at bargaining down the amount owed and paid back.

Then came the realtor.

They started looking on November  15th

They looked at 6 houses—count them, 6!

He liked one house; she liked another.

His godfather reminded him “happy wife, happy life!”

His married buddies said the same thing!

He is becoming wise in his old age of 33—he went to his wife and said “if you want that house—we will go for that house!”

That was on November 18th—they put the offer on the house!

A five bedroom, two story 2006 beautiful home just perfect for the girls to have their own room and an upstairs family room.

And then there was Thanksgiving!

I guessed that this would be going on way into December—Jessica’s birthday is in late January, so…maybe in the house by then?

Nope—They closed on November 28th—the Friday after Thanksgiving!

They had a rough time at closing, but God was in the middle of it.

Shane and Jess had to come up with extra money they didn’t expect to pay—and it had to be in a check that day!

Jess looked for her checkbook—when she found it—it had exactly ONE check left in it.

The realtor wanted to pay them back for what they had to shell out but legally—she could not!

But…she called them on Saturday and said “I have just gifted you with FREE MOVING people!”

That’s about a thousand dollars gift!

And it’s all been God!

The kids are just elated and grinning ear to ear—all 4 of them were sharing one bedroom/2 sets of bunk beds—NOT anymore!

And their parents—they are just floored with how God has been in the midst of all of this—they closed in TEN DAYS!

Who does that?

Nobody does—Unless God is in it!

So… you can doubt and express your reservations as to how this “just happened to work out”—

But as for me and GrandPa—


By the way—if you are in Land O’Lakes, Florida this next Saturday—come give us a hand—

We’re moving in!