Reflections of…Precious Memories!

Our Blended Family-- Thanksgiving 2014!
Our Blended Family–
Thanksgiving 2014!

The picture you see is… a priceless memory!

At least for us…

It has our daughter Lauren and her husband Chuck and their baby girl still inside mama—Keira Sade!

It is the first time in over 10 years that Lauren has been with us at Thanksgiving!

And it was our first time getting to know her husband Chuck.

We are like most of America these days—we have a blended family!

Bella has three girls and I have twin daughters and our son.

We love them all the same—at least that’s what we tell them!  🙂

But seriously—it was a moment that we have only prayed for and dreamt about.

And there it was—

Our son talking with his brother-in-law.

Our daughters Lauren and Ashley with our daughter-in-law Kim—all in the kitchen with Nana and Cali.

That’s what Thanksgiving is all about.

When family comes together—no matter how far apart they can sometimes be—and unites in love.

And we have a picture to prove it!

The Lord spoke about family when He pointed out to His best friends that He wanted them to watch over His mother, and He then told her to treat them like they were her sons.

Family—it makes the difference in your life on whether you feel connected or disconnected.

Sometimes family is a circle of otherwise unconnected strangers who become connected by you.

And they become your family!

When I pause to say “Thank you, Lord”—I have two families that I am thankful for.

“My Family by Nature”—our kids, our grandkids, our relatives.

But then…I pause to say “Thank you, Lord” for…

“My Family by Choice”—Butch, Teeto, Belinda, Suzann, Shawn and Kay—my “Faithful 5 Who are 6”!

So whomever you are thankful for—just know—they make the difference in your life!

I was talking with my wife about our wonderful time with our family this Thanksgiving, and I said,

“It’s as simple as belonging—that sense that you fit with somewhere with someone-you belong!”

And I am thankful that there are two circles that I really feel that sense of belonging in…

My Family by Nature and My Family by Choice!

I personally believe that…God chose BOTH families for me!

Philippians 4:6 says “Always Thankful!”

And that’s how I choose to be…

It’s Contagious!

Get closer to me—I’m gonna contaminate you with a good dose of Gratitude!

WARNING! It could Change your Life FOREVER!

If you let it!


Just being silly-- what we do best as a family!
Just being silly– what we do best as a family!