Points2Ponder-Starting A New Tradition In Your Life

Join me--let's start an Attitude of Gratitude Revolt!
Join me–let’s start an Attitude of Gratitude Revolt!

Point2Ponder    “When is the last time you started a new tradition in your life?”

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in America!

We gather our family together and share good times and good  food and make good memories.

But how about starting a new tradition?

When you get together tomorrow, before you start eating, before you pause to pray—If you do pause to pray…

Take a moment to go around your table of family and friends gathered together…

And Let everyone have a moment to say “I am thankful for…”

And really listen to see… what they are thankful for.

We really need to start the Gratitude Attitude Revolt!

So much is going on in our country right now that could go a whole lot better if…we just practiced being grateful!

So… I ask you “when IS the last time you started a new tradition?”

And why not start it on Thanksgiving!

If we spent more time counting what we have…we would have less time being angry and envious over what we don’t have!

This is short and sweet, but… it could Rock your World!

Start with Thanking God that you are alive to share the day with your family…

And go from there!

Let the people who matter know why they matter—to you!

I don’t want to scare you, but… we really aren’t sure IF can hear you through a casket or 6 feet of sand.

Why not tell them now?

Why not express to them what they mean to you now?

Now is all we really have—NOW is all you can do anything about – so NOW—why not tell the ones who matter- why they matter?

Tell them what a difference they have made in your life—and THAT will make a difference in their life- I promise!

Just in case you didn’t know… I am thankful for everyone who takes the time to read my twice a week commentaries on life!

Reflections of God and this wonderful life He has given me and the wonderful He has given me to share it with!

Happy Thanksgiving—Share the love—Start a new tradition—Join our Attitude of Gratitude Revolt!