Points2Ponder-Seeing Life Through A Child’s Eyes

Our very own little Elsa-- Princess Cali!
Our very own little Elsa– Princess Cali!

Point2Ponder    “When is the last time you saw life through a child’s eyes…and you were transported back?”

I spent the day with my granddaughter Cali—she is 18 months old.

She is saying a lot of words—some of them even make sense.

I planned a day at the mall with my BFF Kay and Cali.

Cali and I prepared to leave her home, and I asked her “Are you ready?”

Much to my chagrin and surprise, she answered clear as can be “I ready!”

And she was…

She walked to the front door, turned her head back to her Dad, lifted her right hand and waved…

And said “bye bye!”

And off we went!

We went to Kohl’s first because—Kay had coupons!

Cali was a perfect angel in her build in car seat in the buggy.

Until—we saw the Frozen Collection.

Has your life and home been taken over by— Elsa and Anna and Olaf and Sven?

Aww come on—you can’t live under a rock and NOT know about the sisters Elsa and Anna and their Very Cold Kingdom?

Well—IF you are that hermit under that rock—let me tell you—all of us out here are consumed with all things Anna and Elsa!

And Miss Cali?

The girl cannot even speak, but…she can sing “Let It Go!” the theme song to the movie.

And she doesn’t just sing it—no—that would be too simple—sings it with hand gestures and twirling throughout the song!

It is hilarious!

She saw the Kohl’s Frozen display— and….honestly, she froze!

Her eyes lit up and twinkled like she had met Santa Claus!

But I do think—in her book— Anna and Elsa are Bigger than that Old Chubby Elf!

We had to pry her away…

But she kept looking back and saying “Anna!”

That should have been my clue!

So we get to the mall and take her to the Disney Store—I know, I know—what was I thinking?

We walk in and— it is Frozen on Steroids!

They are everywhere!

Small ones, Tall ones, pictures, displays, that song is playing—it is Frozen Extravaganza!

And our Little Princess?

She is in hog heaven!

There she is—walking among Anna and Elsa—and she is glowing!

I’m serious—it’s like a kid on Christmas morning—but it’s November people, not Christmas!

So… what’s a grandfather to do?

I pick out an Anna doll and I pick out an Elsa doll.

We have to find out once and for all—Team Anna or Team Elsa?

Kay kept her about 10 feet away—while I got in place.

I felt like I was at the NasCar races—and I had that checkered flag.

I held them both up and…on your mark, get ready…GO!

She walked straight down the middle, not giving any indication of who was swaying this 18 month old Princess in Waiting.

Until about 8 feet—then, I saw her shift…

And suddenly she blurted out—“ANNA!!”

And there it was—Sweet Pea was Team Anna!

So…one trip to the cash register and Voila!

Cali was carrying Anna home with her.

I dropped Kay off at her home, and Cali and I were driving home alone—with Anna in Cali’s arms…

And then it happened—the moment I think I fell in love with my granddaughter…

While we are driving along, and Cali is hold her Anna doll….

I hear her singing “Let it Go, Let it Go!” to  Anna.

How sweet!

How innocent!

How lovely!

Yep—I’m hooked on Team Cali!


Nano's Little Princess Cali! and our DayAway!
Nano’s Little Princess Cali! and our DayAway!