Points2Ponder-Keeping A Promise Past The Grave

Keeping a promise to a friend!
Keeping a promise to a friend!

Sometimes, you keep a promise because…you made a promise!

I know that’s not popular anymore—people come up with all the right excuses as to why they can’t keep a promise…

They just made!

No one even thinks about honoring their word to someone…even if that someone is no longer around.


Point2Ponder    “When is the last time you kept a promise to someone…who is no longer here?”

Death bed promises!

They seem to be my specialty.

I always seem to be “that Guy!” who takes them seriously and does all he can to fulfill my commitment to that person…

Even though they would never know if I broke my promise, welched on our deal, fell back on the usual excuse.

You know them all…

“I’m just too busy!”

“I’ve got a full life already!”
“I can’t possibly be expected to keep a death bed promise, now can I?”

Let me answer that…

We are ALL too busy!

My life could NOT be any fuller!

And yes—I DO expect you to honor the promise you made on someone’s Death Bed!

Funny how they still seem to make time to do the “other” things in their life.

But hey… I cannot account for their character or their commitment to friendship.

I can, however—account for mine!

I have been watching over my Aunt’s daughter and granddaughter and great-grandsons.

I have been watching over my brother’s wife—even IF she lives in Canada now!

I have been watching over my best friend’s husband through this terribly difficult first year without her.

And they know that they are a valuable part of my life—and I treasure each of them—and I am committed to them.

And I have a full life—but I make time to call or visit or send a card or a text or an email…

Just to keep in touch—just to let them know—they matter to me!

And I have never ever used a “usual” excuse on any of them!

When you decide that your life becomes enriched when you give of your life—you will get the essence!

It’s in giving that you get!

Give your time—get more time!

Give your love—get more love!

Give your compassion—get more compassion!

It’s a biblical principle that I have applied to my life for most of my life—

And it works every time!

The people that I have added to my life because of a promise that I made…

Have actually made my life better!

They have enriched my life!

Dawson gave me a coin and a handmade necklace that I will never ever lose.

Belinda went from being my cousin to being my sister.

Denise has become my “Rose Dawson” (of Titanic the Movie fame) sister, not just my sister-in-law.

And Derrick—has become MY dear friend, not just the husband of my Forever Friend Sandy.

You see—I’m the one who has gained and gleaned—I owe it all to them!

Thank you for allowing me into your hearts and lives!

The pleasure is all mine!