Point2Ponder-Being Surprised By Outcome of Political News

Proud to exercise my civic duty and VOTE!
Proud to exercise my civic duty and VOTE!

I am not gloating…I promise you, from the bottom of my heart…I am NOT gloating

Point2Ponder    “When is the last time you were surprised by political news outcome?”

Last night’s election surprised me!

I never ever thought, in my lifetime, that I would see the Republicans back in control of the Senate AND the House!


Now that really surprised me!

And yes—I AM a republican!

But…I just didn’t think it would happen again IN MY LIFETIME!

I was really surprised!

And another thing—I voted AGAINST Legalizing Marijuana—Medical or Recreational.

I know, I know—there are really good reasons for medical marijuana—I get it, I really do.

And for those—there are still people on the corner who will supply anyone anywhere with whatever they need.

And I am sure—IF a policeman stops a cancer victim who is buying marijuana for medicinal purposes—

I suspect they will do the right thing and…look the OTHER way!

But…for the others—I am NOT going to stand by and let it be available so people can just abuse it and misuse it.

I agree—no one has ever been accused of going crazy while smoking weed, but…

I also know—there is NOT motivation to accomplish ANYTHING while smoking wacky weed.

Is that REALLY what we need at this time in our country?

MORE NON MOTIVATED PEOPLE sitting back wanting others to feed, clothe and care for them?

Don’t we enough of that already?

So…I am not signing up for allowing more people to join the NotReadyForAdulthood Players!

Somebody has to go to work…

Somebody has to pay their taxes…

Somebody has to show up and lead!

That’s NOT going to happen IF we are all tokin’ weed all day long!

So…I had a great night last night!

The governor I don’t really like was a better choice than the puppet who is in John Morgan’s Pocket in Florida!

John Morgan? DUI Attorney for the last 25 years—WITHOUT DRIVING! Why not?

Because he has his licensed permanently revoked!


From REPEATED DUI convictions!!

Just hypocritical, now isn’t it?

So, all in all…I was surprised by how quickly our political canvas can change!

RED is the New BLUE!!!