Points2Ponder-Kids Say the Funniest Things…That Make Sense

Our very own little Elsa-- Princess Cali!
Our very own little Elsa– Princess Cali!

This one won’t be long, but…it did make me laugh.

Why is it that the funniest things come from what kids say so innocently?


Point2Ponder “When is the last time you heard a child say the funniest thing—that made perfect sense?”


I was at work today…working at my desk, doing my new job—which I love!

The first 30 minutes of every work day is spent with colleagues talking about the night before, about family, about kids.

This African American woman was explaining that her 5 year old son, who is half black, half white, has a girlfriend.

She said “he told me he likes her because of her hair!”

The lady talking to her asked “why her hair?”

She replied “he said she has soft straight hair!”

Then she said “so I told him—your little girlfriend is white?”

And the lady said “oh because she has soft straight hair?”

The mother said “that’s what I thought. But he said “No Mommy, she’s not white—she’s beige, just like me!”

We all broke into laughter at the innocence of this 5 year old boy knowing that no one is white and no one is black.

And now—people are beige!

I just love that!

I turned to my friend, who is a deep dark shade of beige and said “you see—we were meant to get along—kids don’t see white or black…

They see beige!”

But that’s before someone decides to teach that innocent little boy that his concept of beige must be divided into black or white!

Well…I for one…vote for Beige!

I pray that someone protects him from those who only see one or the other—this little boy has it right on the money!

May we all see through the eyes of a child and realize—we are all shades of the same color—Beige!