Points2Ponder-Being Contacted To Pray…Because You Do!

There is Power in Prayer!
There is Power in Prayer!

Point2Ponder “When is the last time some one contacted you because they needed prayer and knew—you prayed?”


I live a life that is the same no matter where you find me.

At the mall.

At work.

At home.

I am consistently me—bold in my beliefs, respectful of differences but never apologetic about my life choices.

I choose Christ!

I know it’s not popular!

I know it’s not politically correct.

I know it makes me stand out—apart from those who just “go with the flow” and “don’t make waves!”

But… I am proud to be a Christian—but I don’t beat people over the head with my life or my walk with Christ.

Most of all, anyone who knows me knows, God healed my heart and I tell anyone I meet that I am healed!

And I do believe in prayer!

I got a text the other night—it seems like it is the way people communicate these days.

Even when—they have bad news.

It was a friend of my brother Joe’s—she knew that my brother prayed and she knew—that I prayed too.

She got some bad medical news—and she needed someone to pray for her.

We texted back and forth for an hour.

I encouraged her and shared scripture and also prayed—yes, via text—with her.

She thanked me and said “Joe would be really proud of you!”

I thought of my brother—the two things we shared were music and Jesus!

And here was his friend reaching out to me because she knew—I was just like my brother—I prayed too!

Made me wonder—how many people do NOT know someone who prays?

Not someone who goes to church…no, we have those—but many of them do not know the power of prayer.

Because… they do not pray.

Funny—I turned around and reached out to those I trust to pray for Joe’s friend.

My Mama Mamie is my prayer warrior—she knows the power of prayer—and she has power in her prayers.

And then there is Joe’s widow—she is a prayer warrior also—I notified her—and she immediately paused for prayer.

IF you don’t know someone who will pray WHEN you need the power of prayer to work on your behalf…

And I sincerely hope you do, but…

If you don’t, you have me!

You can contact me and let me know what we need to pray about—and that’s exactly what I will do—I promise.

We just can’t get through this life without prayer—

Faith flies in the face of fear!

Do NOT let fear fade your faith!

When you are in your darkest hour—there is someone praying for you—

IF no one else…

YOU have ME!