Points2Ponder-Being Right Smack Dab In The Middle

I was 2Cool4School! My Summer or '14!
I was 2Cool4School! My Summer or ’14!

Sometimes, it just feels like all of the stars align and…a perfect day emerges from the fog that you’ve been in.

I have to admit—this past summer was that fog.

But, even in the fog, I know that it was meant to be.

I was able to be available for someone I love more than life itself.

I will never regret that.

For such a time as this—I met a need that no one else could meet.

I am grateful to God that He allowed me to be the person who was there for the one I love the most.

And I am thankful that my lovely wife was onboard and supportive of my need to be available.

So I know why the fog was present…and there was a rainbow in the midst of that fog.

You can’t ever get a “once in a lifetime moment” back.

Either you are there, in the moment, experiencing and sharing it with the other person there, or… you miss out on something.

And you can never get it back…no do-overs.

Once it’s gone…it’s gone forever.

I’m just eternally thankful that—I got to experience that time with my loved one—and they knew I was committed to them.

And our relationship is stronger and richer and deeper than ever before.

All because—I was present, in the moment, available and invested—in them!


Point2Ponder “When is the last time you knew that you were right smack dab in the middle of where you should be?”


Not that the summer was easy to get through.

Other things were going on that were painful to experience.

Things I didn’t cause, but I was the recipient of—and the hurt was deep.

Yet I never let that bleed over into what I was doing with my loved one.

They were my priority—and they didn’t need to know just how deep my pain was over the “other” summer situation.

And while I had to deal with the “other” situation, my loved one never felt second place or priority #2.

Nope—they had my full attention—I was present and accounted for—didn’t want to miss a moment of this memory.

Our summer together!

Now the Fall has come—I am back at work, loving my new job—having “perfect” work days—grateful for this time.

But still…

When I got to prove myself to someone who never asked me to, but always needed me to—and I know—is glad I did.

We talk almost every day—but they are Not phone people—so the conversations don’t go deep or long!

But they know—I am checking in on them—reaffirming my commitment—even though I’m 100 miles away.

And I can tell—they appreciate the check in.

Every once in a while, we will make reference to our summer of 14… something we did, something we talked about.

Back when conversations DID run deep and long.

And they will acknowledge that they couldn’t have made it through the summer if I HAD NOT been there.

We both know—it was a moment where lifetime memories were made.

And I for one am glad—for the fog that allowed the rainbow to shine through.

I wouldn’t have missed it for the world!