Points2Ponder-Acting Like A 13 Year Old


Belinda and the boyz admiring her Hamburger Cake!
Belinda and the boyz admiring her Hamburger Cake!

My wife says I’m the biggest kid she has.

And… I have to agree.

I’m 54, about to be the BIG 55!

But… in my head, I’m still 12 or 13…

Especially when it comes to doing something fun!


Point2Ponder “When is the last time you acted like a 13 year old kid because…that’s just how you felt?”


See that cake?

That’s a Double CheeseBurger Cake!

Isn’t it so cool?

I remember seeing it a couple of months ago—with my 5 year old grandson Jett.

He was blown away by it. He said “Nano—that is so cool! Does it taste like a hamburger?”
I didn’t honestly know, but I did know—it impressed a 5 year old AND his 54 year old grandfather!

And I thought “we gotta get one of those!”

I just didn’t know how or when.

Until…my sister/cousin Belinda’s surprise birthday party that I was putting together.

Belinda turned a very young 60!

She loves butterflies and dogs and rainbows and all things sunny—her nickname is BelaSun!

What she doesn’t love is—hamburgers?

But… I knew—I had to order this cake FOR HER!

My lovely wife said “why are you ordering a hamburger cake for your sister? Have them put butterflies on it or rainbows!”

My wife did NOT understand—this 13 year old had to have that cake!

One thing I did know—

Belinda loves her two grandsons Dawson and Fisher just as much as I love my JettJett!

And her boys would think that cake was sooooo cool!

And she would LOVE that they loved her cake!

So… even though my wife opposed and objected—I ordered that double decker hamburger cake—for Belinda!

We got to the party—she was floored by the surprise—I pulled it off perfectly!

She made her rounds with the guests, thanking everyone for coming and realizing just what a good secret it was.

I excused myself and went for the cake—I had to pay for it and have them bring it out!

When I came back into the room and started singing Happy Birthday, Belinda turned to look at me, and…

There it was!

She laughed and laughed and laughed—at her double decker hamburger cake!

Everyone laughed—all the adults thought it was so cool!

Even my Bella admitted that it was interesting, if not appropriate for a 60 year old.

But… the three boys were just AweStruck!

Especially Little FisherMan!

Jett had seen it before; Dawson grinned ear to ear; even Alex smiled big at the sight of the BurgerCake!

But FisherMan?

He sat in his Nana’s lap and said “I really love your cake Nana!” as his finger is making its way to get some icing!

We all just cracked up laughing—Fisher wanted to taste that Burger—double decker burger—thank you very much!

And he kept trying until… I told my sister—“let’s get this picture so Fisher can have a taste!”

So we did—gathered the boys around our Birthday Girl and there is the picture for the ages—60 year old with Double D Burger Cake!

Everyone had to taste it—and all agreed—worth the price, which was very reasonable—and, more importantly…

Worth the Memory!

As we finally packed up and started to leave…

Fisher was sitting right next to the leftover cake…

What’s a Nana to do?

Of course… she sent the rest of the cake home with her very own little Hamburgler!

And that’s how a 13 year old fiftysomething impresses a kid!

And I loved every minute of it!