Points2Ponder-Getting “Over The Top” Ecstatic


Life can sometimes feel like “same ol’, same ol’”…

Just going through the motions.

Realizing “is this all there is…of the REST of my life?”
I’m 54—honestly…maybe 20 more years—healthy?

I know, I know—everyone says “I’m in my 50’s, I’m middle aged!”


50’s is middle aged? How long you predicting you will live? 105?

Probably not.

So… you look at your life and think “all the firsts in life are over—am I now starting the Lasts now?”

You know—the last time you go to Paris; the last time you go  to New York City; the last time you dance the tango!

What? I had to throw that in there—dancing is important to me—and the tango—just life changing!

I know—I once danced it with a 5 foot Tarpon – I removed from a wall!

That’s all I’ve been told, so… you have what I have.

But seriously…have we started the decline into the Firsts of the Lasts of our Life?


Point2Ponder When is the last time you got “over the top ecstatic” over your life and the events in your life?”


I have just been amazed with how exciting this new job is.

So exciting that… I am now talking about working longer because I really love the opportunities being presented.

And I want to take advantage to be a Young Turk just one more time…before I become an Old Turkey for the last time.

I am dreaming again.

I am planning again.

I am looking forward again—to something—to anything—just looking forward!

And… most importantly, I am not looking back, over my shoulder, wishing that I could step back in the glory days of old.

You know—everything was just so much better “back then!”

Well… some of it was, but… these days, I kind of like the view from here!

I must admit—I feel younger when I feel positive and hopeful.


Yeh—that’s it—I feel hopeful.

When’s the last time you felt hopeful?

It is the Best Feeling!

I go to sleep looking forward to waking up.

I am consumed with possibilities!

And it feels great!

Not feeling like I have only 20 years left; feeling like “I wonder where the next 20 exciting years of new adventures will lead me?”

And I’m not too tired to take the journey and just wait and see—where it will all lead.

And I owe it all to the Lord.

He shut down a part of my life that was comfortable and predictable and repeatable—over and over again, day in and day out.

And yet—I would have just stayed—in that rut—for the rest of my life.

But God knew better—and He knew I would follow Him—over the river and through the woods…

To this exciting new horizon—a vista of possibilities, all ablaze with the rays of the Son!

Just waiting for me to experience the adrenaline rush of taking a chance on “living” again—not “existing” but Living!

And I have to pause and say “Thank You Lord! You knew what was best for me!”

Now let’s just see… where this road leads.