Points2Ponder-Telling Your Best Friend Thank You

My best friend Kay-- loving her Yoder's chicken!
My best friend Kay– loving her Yoder’s chicken!

You don’t mean to, but sometimes you do…

Just take for granted that people you love know what they mean to you.

We just assume they know—how indispensible they are in our lives.

That’s why we call them best friend.


Point2Ponder    When is the last time you stopped to tell your best friend what they mean to you?”


She is the sister I never had.

She is the biggest cheerleader I could ever ask for.

She has known me since I was eleven years old—when I successfully convinced her that I was adopted and didn’t belong.

She even asked my brother, her future husband, why he didn’t tell her that I was adopted.

It’s been a lifetime of friendship.

And sometimes, that friendship meant telling me when I was wrong.

From her—I took the counsel and I endured the reproof because…

I knew she loved me.

She is that smiling face with those sparkling blue eyes who lights up a room when she enters.

She is the mom who her three daughters call blessed and recognize with honor.

She is the wife who takes care of her husband, no matter what, because she loves my brother unconditionally.

She is a friend to all, and she makes our children feel loved from their favorite aunt.

And yet—we just assume that this person knows—how much she means to us—all of us who are blessed by her presence in our lives.

But…sometimes, you just have to stop and say “Thank You for being a friend! My life is better because you are in it!”

And no matter what—you know, she wants the best for you and is willing to do all she can to see you get it!

Now that’s what I call a best friend!

My best friend, my sister for life—You have done more for me than you will ever know—I honor you with love and devotion.

I will always be there for you—no matter when—no matter what—the four of us—Lucy and Rickey and Fred and Ethel!

You are loved and appreciated… Kay Scaglione!

Maybe you want to tell your best friend what they mean to you?

Don’t assume they know.

Don’t assume you have time.

Time’s not our friend—we have now—so tell them NOW!