Points2Ponder-Losing A Special Person In Your Life

Sandy with the love of her life...her beloved Derrick!
Sandy with the love of her life…her beloved Derrick!

They say time heals all wounds.

Not so sure if what they say is true.

Some wounds just refuse to heal—no matter how long the time.

Time may pass, but pain remains—of missing someone who left us way too soon.


Point2Ponder Who is the last person who made such an impact that losing them has left you speechless?”


I haven’t talked much about her, but Sandy May has been gone for 6 months now.

Six months?


In some moments, it feels like yesterday…

In others, it feels like she has been gone for years.

But I can tell you, life may have gone on, but we who miss her are stuck.

Her husband is facing their wedding anniversary on the 20th—without her.

Her sons are dealing with situations in their lives that they all wish she were here to fix—because she would have.

Her grandkids, even the newest who is named after her—they miss their Grandma Sandy.

And that shadow that hung so tightly around her in the last few months of her life—

Which was the circle of friends and loved ones who held her up for as long as we could—

We are at a loss now that she is gone.

And life going on?

Not for us.

At least not unscathed, not unharmed, not untouched.

We have all been touched by her loss.

And yet… I ask—What would she want to teach us about her experience?

A few things come to mind.

She wanted to someday visit the redwoods in California—she never got to go.

I wish she had—but she always said “we will go in the Spring!”

She was gone as the Spring arrived.

She wanted to do more family oriented events.

She would give her grandkids a “You and Me Only” weekend—

They come up without their siblings, and she and grandpa would spoil them rotten.

It was such a fun experience, she said she was going to do it every year—a new tradition.

And lastly, she just wanted to slow down a little, work a little less, live a little more.

She never got to do that—she was “retired” for 3 months before she left!

She told me “look at me—I got to retire before you did—and it feels great! Just wish I could enjoy it longer!”

So did I—so did we all.

Maybe you think that you are in control of your future, that you have your life’s time clock ticking at your control and command.

Maybe this is for you—learn from Sandy.

Take THAT trip NOW!

Spoil those grandkids NOW!

Slow down, live more NOW!

And…if you can… why not Retire while you can enjoy it!

We all work too hard to only get 3 months of retirement—before it’s over!

Lessons my best friend taught me—

Maybe she can teach them to you too!