Points2Ponder-Asking That “What If?” Question

Our beautiful, confident, successful daughter Ashley!
Our beautiful, confident, successful daughter Ashley!

You ever look at someone else’s life…

And know…                         

You had a hand in how their life turned out.

And you wonder?

What If…I had not stepped in?


Point2Ponder When’s the last thing you asked the question “What If?”!

My daughter Ashley is in the picture you see.

She is our younger daughter—by one minute!

She is a twin, and her twin sister Amanda will never let her forget that Amanda is older—by one minute!

That one minute has made all the difference in the world.

And oddly, although it is only one minute, Ashley shows true traits of a middle child.

If you study birth order characteristics, she is a true middle child, although it’s only by one minute.

Ashley lives in Tennessee, where she went to college and never returned home.

She made a life in the sleepy town of Cleveland, Tennessee—yes, it know there is another Cleveland, but…

The one that matters to us is in Tennessee.

Ashley went to a school called Lee University in Cleveland, Tn.

She graduated and found employment with Cigna Insurance, where she has built a wonderful career.

Ashley visits home 2-3 times a year… just to check in with the siblings, parents and nieces and nephews.

She has never returned home to live…

And I have always wondered…

What If?

I had not done what I did to get her to that school?

I had not encouraged her to leave home at 18 even though she was scared and intimidated by being 600 miles from home?

I had not persuaded her to go back to school when she came home that time and wasn’t sure she wanted to return?

I had not counseled her to keep trying when it all seemed to be falling apart?

What if?

She now has a life that she would not have had IF she had not gone to Lee University.

She now has a way of life that she may not have had IF she had not gone to Lee University.

She now has a view to life that she may not have had IF she had not gone to Lee University.

And I wonder…

What if?

My little girl had just stayed home?

Like her sister and her brother…

Just never ventured out, 600 miles away, living life without her family around her.

I often wonder how she feels walking through the streets of Cleveland, Tennessee, knowing…

She will Not run into any family members, relatives, cousins, uncles and aunts, in-laws, blood related connections…

How does that make her feel…not being connected by family.

And I worry… when she gets sick, when she needs a battery jump, when she just feels lonely and wants a hug…

What If… she were home?

I know everyone says everything happens for a reason…

I know I am supposed to believe that…I used to believe that, but…

Some things happen just because other people put them in motion…

And what if?

I was one of those people who put something in motion…

That took my daughter 600 miles away from her family?

What if?

I had never called?

Would she still be here…with us…living her life…with us?

I will always wonder…

What if?