Points2Ponder-Doing Something That Matters

Remembering those who mattered is worth the money!
Remembering those who mattered is worth the money!

Sometimes… you just do something just because…

It’s the right thing to do.

Even if…

It makes no sense whatsoever!


Point2Ponder When’s the last thing you did something…for someone—just because they mattered!

So this is a story about two sisters, who grew up in West Tampa but spent a lot of time in Ybor City.

These sisters loved one another, but time, circumstances and husbands…kept them from seeing each other as much as they wanted.

Rosa and Ciria never let that stop them.

Ciria drove but Rosa did not and had to rely on her husband to take her to see Ciria—which did not happen often.

But… without fail… Ciria visited Rosa and her family on holidays—especially Christmas!

When Rosa got sick with cancer, Ciria came after work every night to care for her big sister.

When Rosa succumbed to the dreaded disease, Ciria became a mother to Rosa’s youngest son—his name is Alan.

Ciria lived many more years, but 2 months after celebrating her 80th birthday with a big surprise party…

Ciria was met at the pearly gates by her Big Sister Rosa—together again, after all these years.

Nice story, huh?

So…what does that have to do with that picture about pavers?


Those pavers are in Ybor City, in front of our family’s traditional meeting place, Tropicana Restaurant, on 7th Avenue.

And soon…

For reasons that do not make sense to a lot of people…

Those pavers will have Rosa and Ciria engraved – 2 pavers touching, symbolizing 2 sisters, reaching out to each other—touching!

None of it should matter, right?

They are both gone to heaven.

A paver will not make one bit of difference in how they are remembered by those who loved them so.


Ciria’s daughter Belinda and Rosa’s sons Paul and Alan just wanted the world to know—

They existed, they lived, they loved, they shared.

And we wanted to share our Moms with our World.

Sometimes—it just doesn’t have to make sense—it just has to feel right!

And after all… isn’t your mom worth $80 for a paver?

Think about that slowly before you go “$80!!!! You could do a lot with that money!”

True—but sometimes, money is just money but memories? They are worth the money!

And some people are worth YOUR money because of the MEMORIES they gave YOU!

Pavers available soon!