Points2Ponder-Denying The View In The Mirror!

See my future? It's bright and promising!
See my future? It’s bright and promising!

Some people never grow old.

The rest of us grow old each day.

As proven in our mirror!

We try to deny it—even convince ourselves that it’s not there, but…

Look closely—it’s there!

Staring right back at you!


Point2Ponder When’s the last time something made you feel young—despite the view in the mirror!


I am going to admit something.

I’m losing my hair!


And, while we are at it—that white hair in my beard?

It wasn’t there 10 years ago.

Okay, Okay—maybe I saw a glimpse of it 10 years ago—but today?

It is full-fledged OLD!

But that’s not what really makes me feel old.


You see that picture?

It’s my Scaglione grandchildren.

They got to see each other this past weekend.

Jett loves Mykai sooo much!

Macie loves to hold and play with baby Cali.

I look at that picture—Mykai will be 10 years old soon.

Macie is 7 years old.

Jett is 5 and Cali is 18 months old.

My future- our grandbabies.

And yet—I feel so young just looking at that picture.

I can remember jogging(yes—I jogged!) around Mykai’s block while he rode his tricycle.

I remember Macie yelling HI NANO! And making me laugh so hard! (She has my voice—poor pretty thing!)

I remember Jett saying “My name not JJ—my name Jett!”

I remember Cali the first time she reached up for me to pick her up!

All of these moments make me feel young!

And THEY make me want to stay young—so I can see them grow up and enjoy life—

So I can watch them experience all of the Firsts of Life!

I want to participate in their life—be an active participant—not just a passive spectator.

Whether it’s kickball or dodge ball—Count me in!

We become old when we let the “man in the mirror” convince us that we can no longer “run with the youngins!”

I know all about aches and pains—but I also know that hearing a child’s giggle or spontaneous burst of laughter…

Can cure any of those pains.

You see…

It doesn’t matter the lack of hair or the color of the hair I have—my grandkids make me feel young!

And I am sure that there are a lot of grandparents out there who feel the same way.

Whether it’s chasing them in the park or being chased by them with a water hose—

They keep us young!

And that’s the secret of youth—surround yourself with those who still have it!

It apparently rubs off!

So…if you are feeling old today—just pull out a pic of the grandkids—let yourself laugh and reminisce.

Then give them a call and let them know…

You’re ready for some tackle football!