Points2Ponder-Mourning Robin Williams

Sometimes you have to be present to just listen!
Sometimes you have to be present to just listen!

Sometimes…the guy who made us all laugh…cried himself to sleep.

Point2Ponder When’s the last time the news startled you? When an actor died unexpectedly who touched your life!

The news of Robin Williams taking his own life was startling!

He made us all laugh… that’s just what he did.

But…he also…made us all think…that’s also just what he did.

Today…we are not laughing, but we are all just thinking “How Sad!”

And yet—why couldn’t anyone have made him laugh or made him think “Don’t do  it!”

A man so loved, so gifted, so talented—so tormented, so depressed, so hopeless.

I have often said “Money must not be the answer because rich people still put guns to their heads and shoot!”

Sometimes—they use a belt!

Here was a man known for such epic comedic memories as Mork from Ork, Mrs. Doubtfire, Birdcage, Good Morning VietNam, Genie from Aladdin, Popeye, RV, Flubber, Toys, Night at the Museum and my personal favorite…Patch Adams!

And yet, he was also so seriously poignant in movies like Good Will Hunting, Awakenings, What Dreams May Come, The Fisher King and Being Human.

And even frightened us in his portrayals in One Hour Photo and Insomnia.

All of these depictions hid the truth—he was a depressed individual diagnosed with bipolar personality—and yet, we didn’t care.

Not enough to let him know—he mattered to us—not just the many characters he played, some at the same time—he mattered!

This just brings to the forefront what we in America do so well—we ignore mental health issues!

We as Americans do NOT want to confront or discuss anything to do with our mental health or lack thereof!

And that– is killing people as we speak.

Instead of being “ROBIN WILLIAMS FUNNY MAN!” – he was just Robin—hanging from a belt in his bedroom.

And you have to ask “Why couldn’t someone reach out and save this man from himself?”

There are people in our little corner of the world who are going through the same thing.

They are lonely in a crowd.

They are sad on a sunny day.

They are hopeless when hope is all around them.

They are our friends.

They are our family.

What can we do to help?

Sometimes—it’s their silence that speaks the loudest!

IF you have someone you love who is going through a tough time—not just a minute or a moment, but a stretch of time…

And you think “ah, they will pull out of it—I will leave them alone!”

I have to counsel you – THEY MAY NOT and PLEASE DON’T!

Seriously…even IF you call and they do Not answer—CALL THEM AGAIN!

Don’t stop calling!


Believe me—they are listening to every message left—wishing they were strong enough to call you back.

But… they just aren’t…

But that message you left?

It may be the reason they decide to live today!


 Don’t give them their space!

Don’t respect their privacy!

Don’t be concerned that you are stepping over boundaries!


They just can’t ask!

So… you hurt their feelings or violate their privacy or overstep your bounds!

I know Robin wishes someone had!

I know your friend or family will also wish YOU had!

My favorite movie of Robin’s was Good Will Hunting.

He played a therapist who cared enough to be available, be present and be genuinely concerned!

And I am sure that he would be telling us to BE all these things to those we know going through this tough time.

Sometimes…their tough times lasts a life time!

Don’t be in a hurry!

Don’t expect them to just shake it off!

Don’t tell them to pull up their bootstraps!

Don’t compare them to how you would handle their problems.

It just doesn’t work that way!

Be a Friend!

Show Them Your Love!