Points2Ponder-Sometimes Helping Leads To Disappointment

That's a friend who is honest, even when it hurts!
That’s a friend who is honest, even when it hurts!

You ever try to help somebody?

Hoping they can turn it around?

Until you realize… until they are willing to do the “heavy lifting” for themselves…nothing’s gonna change!

Point2Ponder When’s the last time you tried to help, hoping it will matter, just to be disappointed?

So there’s this person I know…they are going through a rough time.

They can’t seem to make it through the muck and the mire—just stuck in it.

And I really care about them, so… I have made myself available whenever they call.

To listen…

To advise…

To suggest…

To console…

To support…

To cheerlead…

But mostly…

To listen.

At some point, You realize…

They just are not taking ownership of their part in changing their behavior to produce a different outcome.

You know this because—they keep doing the same thing you tell them NOT to do!

And they keep wondering—why does it produce the same unwanted results?


But the frustration I feel is knowing that… they do NOT want HELP… they just want to be heard!

And honestly, I am a good friend. I invest in my friendships. I appreciate the friends who have invested in me.

I know how to give advice…but I also know how to take advice.

And…I know when someone just is not listening to the advice I am giving.

But… they ARE calling me constantly to “bend my ear!”

At some point, you just have to say “I am praying for you. I believe that you have the ability to change. It’s all up to you!”

I am not judging.

I am not giving up on them.

I am not assuming they will never change.

But… I do know, from my own experience… that people are the only ones who CAN change their behavior!

And until they want the result bad enough to produce the change—it’s just the same talk, night after night!

And frankly, I have a lot of things I can be doing IF you are not sincerely trying to change!

I am the first one to remind somebody that change takes time and sometimes includes falling down…just to get back up…

I believe that each journey is a personal path that only you can walk—but I can cheer you on from the sideline.

And I am a great cheerleader!

But you are the only one on the playing field—YOU have to get in motion and expend energy and effort to get results!

No matter how you want me to—I can’t do this for you!

You ever just want to say… Less Talk, More Walk!

Sometimes—it’s the BEST advice we can give!