Points2Ponder-Realizing What’s Really Important!


Don't call my old number...I won't be there!
Don’t call my old number…I won’t be there!

Things…they’re just things, right?

Sometimes, we hold on to something that we know is so important to us…

Until we realize… that it just doesn’t matter anymore.

Point2Ponder When’s the last time you gave something up that you thought was important..until it wasn’t?

I have had the same home phone number for over 30 years.

It was the phone number when my kids were growing up.

It was the phone number they called when they needed me to come get them, rescue them, take care of them.

It was OUR phone number—our Family phone number!

And then… they grew up, and moved out.

And the calls from their friends would come in…for them.

And sometimes, old friends of theirs would call—having lost track of my kids, and I would be able to reconnect them.

But, as they got older, my twin daughters are 32 and my son is 29, those reconnect calls got fewer and fewer.

But… I kept that phone number.

There was even a time when—I added a phone line into my brother’s house to install that phone number…

Just so I could keep That Number alive!

This phone number meant a lot to me—maybe, it was a symbol of keeping my family together.

I have to admit, IF I had the money AND the room…

I would love my kids to live with us just like they did on that TV show Dallas—each family had a wing of the home.

I know, I know—my wife has told me for years that I have a problem letting go of my kids.

They call me a “helicopter” parent because… I tend to hover.

And keeping this phone number, all these years, when it DID NOT make sense…was just part of that.

Until yesterday…

I said goodbye to 685-7652 forever!

Yep—I let it go—because I finally realized just how silly it was… that number was not my family.

And what it represented was not how it is today…

My kids live in separate places, miles apart, with their own families, living their own lives.

And no one is going to call that number and ask how to reach them anymore.

They have Facebook for that!

So… it has taken me a lot to get to this point but…

Next month, when you call 685-7652… don’t expect me to answer…

I don’t live there anymore!