Points2Ponder-Memories Etched In Your Mind

The happy bride and groom...14 years later!
The happy bride and groom…14 years later!

Some memories are etched crystalline in your memory.

You can remember them—down to the last detail.

Even when it’s been 14 years.

Point2Ponder What events in your past can you remember with precise photographic memory, to this day?

My daughter celebrated her 14th wedding anniversary this past Monday.

I can remember her wedding like it was yesterday.

I can remember all of the activities surrounding the wedding…

Down to the predicted rain showers…

That did NOT bode well for an outside wedding.

She got married on the water—downtown Lakeland, City of Swans.

It was a beautiful place for a wedding.

Everyone was sitting on white wooden chairs, looking out on the lake where she and her betrothed stood.

Just minutes prior to the ceremony—dark clouds were looming, threatening to postpone the wedding.

There was NO back out plan—the facility for the reception was not set up for a wedding, so… postpone was our only option.

I remember two years later, reading a paper my daughter wrote for her college English assignment about miracles…

My daughter said in that paper “I looked out on that dark cloud, and I said “Lord, just give me 30 minutes of sunshine—that’s all I need Lord… please—I want to get married today at this lake, with sun shining upon me!”

I never knew she prayed that prayer—but I do know…

We all commented how amazing it was that the sun suddenly poked out its head and it was bright, sunny and beautiful for about 30 minutes BEFORE the sun disappeared and that rain cloud burst.

But 30 minutes was all she needed—and it was exactly what she prayed for.

And her wedding was the miracle she wanted it to be.

Things you don’t always know… even if you are a parent.

And 14 years later, as she prepares to give birth to their third child, a son named Maxwell Anthony…

I remember that day crystal clear—including the surprising sun appearing for about 30 minutes.

Maybe you have a memory that is just that perfect and precise—that you remember it down to the “miracle” in the middle!

Isn’t that all that life is about—making those memories—and reminiscing and cherishing those magical moments of life!