Points2Ponder-Wondering “What If?”

Are you willing to define who you will be? Even IF others don't accept you?
Are you willing to define who you will be? Even IF others don’t accept you?

Some people believe that every move you make is predetermined by some master plan.

Some people believe that you have a choice in everything you do—and your choices dictate the journey you ultimately take.

That journey called “your life!”

Point2Ponder When’s the last time you wondered “what if?” I had taken the other side of that fork in the road?

There are moments in everyone’s life where—you are faced with a decision between two very different choices.

One will take you down this specific path.

The other will take you down a completely different path.

And you stand there—at the Fork in the Road—and wonder—which side should I choose?

And then—after much consideration, heavy prayer or … flipping a coin—you choose one side…

And you walk down that path that you chose… and it leads you to where you are now.

But did you ever wonder?

What about that other path?

Where would That have taken me?

Yes – where would it have taken you?

Some people say “I have no regrets because everything I went through has made me the person I am today!”

I can honestly say—I don’t believe that!

Nope—I wish I could have avoided a few of those “things” I went through.

They did make me the man I am today—but I am not sure that is necessarily a good thing!

The pain that I endured, the experiences I went through—none of that made me a “better” person.

All it did was remind me of how cruel and hurtful people can be and how betrayal and disappointment in people can feel.

No—I really don’t subscribe to the “everything made me a better person” mentality.

I do believe that we can choose to let circumstances define us or… we can choose not to be defined by our pain and loss.

IF I let my divorce and the pain that I encountered from all of hurtful experiences associated with all of it define me…

I would never have been able to love again or be loved again—

My wife Bella and I will be celebrating 15 wonderful years of wedded bliss in December.

But… am I glad that I went through that painful divorce?

Did it make me a better man?

Not in my opinion—but I chose to not let it define me and determine the possibilities of future relationships.

That was my choice—NOT to let it define me.

Maybe you are going through the most painful period of your life.

Unexpected loss.

Undeserved betrayal.

Unsolicited criticism.

You can decide how this will define you—or how you will NOT allow it that power over you!

That—is all in Your hands!

You decide what defines you!

You and only you have the power to determine what defines you.

And you and only you—protect your power… or give it away.

Take it back!

Take your power back!

Stand up for you!

If I can do it—you can too!

You are not defined by what others think and say about you…


You are defined by your self-perception in yourself, by your self-confidence in yourself,  by your decision to define who you will be!


Just who will you be after all this pain?

Only you and God have that answer!

And He only thinks Good things about you—

Shouldn’t you?

Quit being your own worst enemy and start being your own best supporter!

If you won’t do it… who else will?

Believe in the “you” that YOU choose to be!

Look in that mirror and say

“Today—I decide how I will change from all that I am experiencing—And Today—I will change for the BETTER!”

And get out there and prove it!

To others?

Nah—most of them will not believe you..

Prove it to yourself—

The only one who matters!