Points2Ponder-Defending Your Character!

When something stinks in Denmark...what are you willing to do to fix it?
When something stinks in Denmark…what are you willing to do to fix it?

Remember the childhood rhyme…

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.

But… what about the times… when they do?

Point2Ponder When’s the last time you felt the need to defend your character?

I know that we are taught to turn the other cheek and overlook the mean statements that some people make.

And, as a principle, I try my best to live to that rule.

Unfortunately… that becomes very difficult when my character is attacked or aspersions are cast on my integrity.

Especially in the work environment.

I have always done my best to do my best in everything I do—and that has always applied at work also.

My integrity is key with me.

I often say “Integrity is NOT a coat you can put on when you want—you either have it…or you don’t!”

I have to admit—I work hard to always be a man of integrity. I also have to admit—that is more difficult at times with some people.

Maybe you can identify with me when it comes to dealing with difficult work relationships.

We don’t have to be friends at work—but we do have to be professional at all times at work!

Unfortunately, there are times and there are people who will push that past the limit of acceptable.

And it is in those times… when you have counted to 10 in your head and said the Serenity Prayer under your breath…

That you feel the need to defend the wrong that has been done.

And I have to wonder…when is it right to defend wrong?

When’s the last time your righteous indignation was called to action?

Write me and share your work experience when you were slandered or attacked—and you did nothing to cause or provoke it.

How did you address it?

How did you resolve it?

How did you survive it?

How did you move past it?

This time friends… I am asking for your input.

Select Comment—and let me know!