Points2Ponder-Putting Yourself To The Test!

I would do anything for my grandson--even accept a challenge of my lifetime! He's worth it!
I would do anything for my grandson–even accept a challenge of my lifetime! He’s worth it!

You reach a certain age, and you think…

You have pretty much learned what you need to know and…

The “need” to learn something new, something “challenging” is over in your life.

And honestly, you wonder “am I just too tired or too old to learn it all over again?”


Point2Ponder When’s the last time you got a challenge to learn that—put you to the test?

We learn what we want usually.

Something interests us, and we apply ourselves to it and invest the time and effort to really learn it.

But sometimes, life throws you a curve, and…

You are “required” to apply all your effort and energy into learn something.

And you just aren’t sure if…you’re up to the challenge.

You determine in yourself to try your best, apply your most, get in gear.

And that’s the best you can do.

No matter what our age—we just can’t quit.

Maybe you are facing something new, something challenging, something requiring you to think like you did years ago.

Apply your all to something like you were 25 again.

But… the mirror reveals… you are not!

Remember… you can muster up the energy and apply your best shot—

And that’s all anyone can ask.

Even you—of you!

So… give it your best shot!

And tell yourself—“I’m up for the challenge!”

Because… you really are!