Points2Ponder-Count Your Blessings

One of my Top Ten Thankfuls? To know what it feels like to be adored!
One of my Top Ten Thankfuls? To know what it feels like to be adored!

I have a friend going through a rough time.

Just doesn’t know why but… depressed.

Life appears to be good—but still, a sense of not happy with their life.

And they just don’t know why?

Point2Ponder When’s the last time you took time out to … count your blessings?

As I was talking to them… a scripture came to mind.

In Philippians 4:8 says “Whatever things are pure, honest, lovely, just, good, true—Think On These Things!”

I have always used this scripture to put my mind in a positive place when it wants to wander to the dark side of depression.

I know that sometimes things in your life are sad—I just lost my best friend Sandy 3 short months ago—miss her terribly.

I know that sometimes things in your life are difficult- life really can throw twists and curves and it’s hard to navigate through.

But… I also know that we can encourage ourselves out of those dark moments.

No… it’s not an instant elixir to cure all that ails you in one minute or less…

Even an attitude adjustment takes practice—practice to think on good things instead of giving in to those depressing thoughts.

Remember—perception is real to the one who perceives it!

So I will share with you as I shared with my friend.

Write down—yes! Write it down—so you can remind yourself when things get you down!

A “Thankful List!”

Things that you are thankful for.

Word of Advice: Don’t make it about “things” you have.

A wise young woman taught me “The most important things in life are Not things at all!”

So start with the people in your life who love you for just being you!

Then add those who you can call when all else have betrayed you!

Add in the ones who were there when everyone else walked away!

And end up with the ones you would give your kidney or heart to—even IF your heart is damaged—you’d give it to them!

You will find yourself thinking better of your situation.

Will it pay the light bill or stop the car from being repossessed?

Probably not—but happy is the man with a list full of thanks even if he doesn’t have light or travel!

It really is a conscious, trained decision—being thankful, living happy!

There’s a thing going out on Facebook—a Challenge to Be Happy for 100 Days Straight!

The concept is that you can turnaround a bad day into a happy day just by willing yourself to see positives and not negatives!

Even IF you get laid off—it’s an opportunity to learn something new and meet new people.

You see—WE CHOOSE what we do with what happens to what comes our way!

The news we cannot choose—how we process that news? That is all ours!

So… take a moment…

Write down your TEN MOST Thankfuls List!

Just 10?

Let’s start there…

Ten is easy to remember …

That makes it easier to continually Think on These Things!

100 Days?

You up for the Challenge?

Train yourself to be Thankful…

Teach yourself to live Happy!

You remember… Don’t Worry, Be Happy!