Points2Ponder-Strangers Can Surprise You

The unexpected kindness of Miss RoseMary!
The unexpected kindness of Miss RoseMary!

People just don’t act like they did when I was growing up.

Back in the day, your neighbor was your babysitter.

They would scold you if they saw you doing something wrong—then tell your mom when she got home!

Back then, strangers just did the right thing—because it was the right thing to do.

They didn’t consider it an intrusion of their privacy to step out of their world and help you in yours.

You just don’t get that anymore.


Point2Ponder      When’s the last time a stranger pleasantly surprised you?


Jett is going through a little anticipation anxiety about starting a new school—a BIG school—with a lot of new kids.

He doesn’t want to go—unfortunately, we adults know—he has to go.

But the consensus of the wisdom surrounding this lad is—try to warm him up to the school Before he has to actually go.

His dad thought that it would be a good idea to take Jett to the school a few times this summer to acclimate him to the surroundings: the school ground, the buildings, the people, the environment.

That way—nothing is really new—he will have seen it all before—except for the 500 kids all headed in a different direction at one time!

So… I had some time with Jett, just Nano and Jett, so I thought “Road Trip!”
and off we went—to find his new school!

Jett did not want to go—but, I knew—we had to start somewhere, so… we started with our visit to the school yard.

School is out, so I wasn’t sure of what I would find.

You see that picture?

That’s Miss RoseMary.

She is the front office administrative assistant at Double Branch Elementary School… where Jett will be going in August.

He starts kindergarten—the first Real grade—this one counts and… he has to go to school now!

When Jett and I walked into the office—Miss RoseMary smiled a big friendly smile.

I told her that Jett was coming to the school in August, that he was a little “anxious” about a new BIG school, so… I thought I could acquaint him with his new surroundings.

She said “Well, I don’t have anyone to take you on a tour, and I am answering the phones…”

Then she thought a minute, looked straight at Jett and said “I know Jett—how about if I take you on a tour?”

Then she yelled to someone somewhere we could not see “answer the phones—I’m taking Jett on a tour!”

And off we went—after she squatted down, looked Jett straight in the eyes and said “We are going to be good friends—and I will make sure that you love going to school here—I promise!”

She just made him like her—and me too!

Miss RoseMary took Jett to the Library, the Cafeteria, the Music room, the playground, his classroom…all the while telling him what he will be doing in each area and stopping to let him sit, or play, or experience the moment in that surrounding.

Jett and Miss RoseMary in the Music Room!
Jett and Miss RoseMary in the Music Room!

With each experience, Jett was smiling more, anxious less and starting to warm up to Miss RoseMary.

After about 45 minutes on our tour, we ended back at the front office.

Miss RoseMary excused herself for a moment and then returned—with a school t-shirt she gave to Jett!

“Now you are officially a Double Branch student Jett—I can’t wait to see you soon!”

And he smiled back and said thank you for the shirt.

As we left, Jett said “she’s nice—I like Miss RoseMary!”

And I thought—we spend so much money on things that do NOT matter, but we spend so little on education…

And even less on kind strangers who are dedicated to our children and helping them acclimate to “big boy” school!

Kind strangers like RoseMary!